WWE Says Daniel Bryan Suffered an Injury on Monday’s RAW


WWE posted the following in regards to Daniel Bryan suffering an injury on Monday’s RAW by the hands of COO Triple H:

WWE.com can confirm that Daniel Bryan suffered a shoulder injury as a result of being handcuffed and attacked by WWE COO Triple H in the final moments of last night’s Raw.

WWE medical sources confirm that, as a result of the COO’s attack, Bryan’s previous shoulder injury stemming from several matches with several Superstars was severely exasperated, including a dislocation and potential ligament tears. The level of damage cannot be determined until the swelling reduces, though Bryan has since left the hospital and will receive an MRI once that swelling has gone down.

Stay with WWE.com for more updates on Bryan’s condition.

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  1. Do they think we are stupid enough to buy all this fakes injuries, Cena was also “injured” 3 weeks ago, yet on the same day it was announced, he was wrestling. This is all WWE last effort to build up their match at mania, since the show doesn’t really have anything other than Taker to go on, specially since they are stupid enough to have Bryan lose to HHH, then have HHH enter the main event, have Bryan screw him over and wait another month for another match between the two, have Bryan win that one, only to have to wait for another shot, all the way until SummerSlam.


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