WWE Sends Dean Ambrose Off In Style With One Last Shield Victory


The Shield has won its last match and in doing so, WWE has given the perfect sendoff to Dean Ambrose.

The Lunatic Fringe has presumably worked his last match in the company and that that match was alongside his Shield brothers, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The Shield’s Final Chapter took place on Sunday, April 21 and saw The Hounds of Justice defeat Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin in the main event.

The Ambrose saga has been unfolding over the past few months, with fans speculating as to his immediate future in the pro wrestling business. Many believed it was all work, while others felt that Dean would be back sooner rather than later.

But this match and the days leading up to it, truly feel like the end for Dean Ambrose. Ambrose is reportedly burned out and needs the rest. However he has used the word “retirement” recently, suggesting that this will be much more than just a break.

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Dean Ambrose is only 33 years old, so he definitely has quality years ahead of him. Whether or not he will choose to spend those years in the ring is unknown. But after the match, in true Ambrose fashion, Dean took the chance to put over his Shield brothers instead of addressing his future.

Despite what happens now, it seems that Dean has made peace with his decision. Whether he comes back or not, the fact is that anything can happen in WWE and that includes the possibility that Dean Ambrose has indeed worked his last match for Vince McMahon.