Why WWE Should Sign Adam Cole


Recently it was reported that Adam Cole’s Ring Of Honor contract expires at the end of this month. Therefore this cued rumors of WWE signing him upon the culmination of his contract. Here is Why WWE Should Sign Adam Cole.

A New Face

With the WWE “Shake-Up” next week, it should be a given that the landscape of the company is changing. Thus with this in mind there shall be the option for the company to introduce some new faces. Last week it was announced that WWE were hosting a Women’s Tournament this summer. So with this in mind signing talent from the Independent scene is something the company should consider. In the case of Adam Cole one can only hope he is on WWE’s radar. If WWE were to sign Adam Cole then he would be a fresh face for the company, as well new talent to be harvested. Furthermore Cole could also be considered to a new model for the next batch of up and coming talent within the company.

Fresh Talent For NXT

Adam Cole Winning ROH World Champion

Many fans have argued that NXT is not as strong as it once was. However I believe that Adam Cole is the sort of talent to suit the NXT brand. This is because he possesses a very unique persona to which shall sit well with fans. Also he shall bring a new in-ring style and that is something NXT should be all about, versatility in the ring. Adam Cole has the potential to be a huge draw in NXT, as well as NXT Champion. There is no doubt the brand will have to re-stock their roster of talent, thus Adam Cole would be a perfect addition to the development brand.

Potential For The Future

It goes without saying that Adam Cole possesses bags of potential. At only 27 years old Cole has the world of professional wrestling at his feet. At this point some may argue that signing for WWE would be taking steps back in his career, however this is not the case. If Cole was to spend time in NXT he would be allowed to develop in good time. This is because he shall need to adapt to the WWE way of wrestling, so to speak. Furthermore this is because ROH and WWE are on two very contrasting scales, thus Cole shall need time to adapt and importantly develop. WWE would essentially provide an experience which can surely only elevate Adam Cole.

Adam Cole’s ROH contract is up in a matter of weeks. Now the question is where shall he find himself? Shall he remain at ROH? Or shall he head to the land of WWE? Well put this into perspective; Imagine the NXT crowd screaming “Adam Cole BAY BAY” just imagine it……..


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  1. Yes only if he want to take a year to two in NXT but if he want to b the world champion in impact at Bound for Glory and b the reason impact make a comeback then next year get an AJ styles deal striaight to Raw and a Headline wrestle mania 35 AJ vs Adam Cole universal title.


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