WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results


Welcome to our live coverage of the go-home edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown heading into WWE TLC weekend. Feel free to discuss the show in the comments section below, and remember to refresh this page throughout the night for updated results, kicking off at 8PM ET.

DECEMBER 13th, 2019


King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler kick off the show this week as the pair of them claim there’s a smell. They claim it could be the people, or, of course, the dog food. Corbin says he has been having an incredible 2019, from defeating Kurt Angle to winning the King of the Ring, to this Sunday when he humiliates Roman Reigns.

Corbin promises he will use tables, ladders, and chairs, and he will make the Big Dog bow down. Corbin says he has heard Roman is going to be ‘unchained’ tonight but states that when that happens, a dog runs away. He says that Roman won’t show up tonight, and he believes that the entire locker room is glad about that.

Ziggler then chimes in and says that Corbin put Roman down last week. Ziggler says that everyone came to the King tonight, and he brings the fans together to hail King Corbin…but it appears someone is against that idea.

It’s a New Day, yes it is! Big E says they were sitting in the back and they see a buffoon donning a Burger King crown. Corbin responds that if they believe in magic and unicorns, they can talk about Brock Lesnar beating Kofi Kingston in seven seconds.

Kingston says he is still a champion of the people, and he does put over Corbin for having a great year, but he won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. He points out that he beat Dolph during his title reign, and he didn’t complain when he lost, instead he picked himself up and kept on marching forward and they’re now the Tag Team Champions.

Kingston says he isn’t a real king as he has no dignity or class. He says what they did to Roman was disrespectful and he didn’t like it but as Corbin questions, if he is still talking, Kofi slaps him. Corbin then threatens him, saying if Kofi wants to step up and be a locker room leader like Roman, he will be humiliated like Roman.


As we return from commercial, King Corbin and Ziggler return to their locker room to see their room has been destroyed and both security members have been taken out. It looks like the Big Dog is on the hunt…


In Gorilla Position, Alexa Bliss calls Mandy Rose a bully, questioning why she takes things to a personal level, but they are then attacked from behind by Rose and Sonya Deville who have run to the back to attack them. Officials eventually break them up and the babyfaces head to the ring.

Once the bell rings all four women continue to brawl inside the ring, with Bliss and Cross eventually hitting a double suplex to Rose to get the upper hand early on. But with the official blind, Rose rakes the eyes of Cross, allowing Deville to join in.

She immediately knocks Bliss off the corner and hits a sliding knee to Nikki as Rose returns and hits a huge running knee to the face of Cross. Deville and Rose then try to hit a double team of their own, however, Bliss pulls Rose out of the ring, bringing an end to that idea.

And back inside the ring, Nikki is able to hit the neck breaker to get the victory for her team.

Winners: Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss


Backstage we are shown Sami Zayn who runs into Heavy Machinery. Otis says he got Sami’s name in secret Santa. He opens up the present, which is a Christmas Ham, which Zayn claims is the worst gift he has ever gotten, as he is a vegan.

Sami says it isn’t a gift, it’s an insult. Otis says he is sorry as he didn’t know, but Sami says that isn’t good enough as he then asks Tucker how he deals with him, calling him a dumb oaf. The duo starts getting hot, but Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura turn up to help solve the issues.

Cesaro ends up taking the Ham, but he ends up dumping it on the floor.

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