WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results



The Revival start out in total domination, sending Shorty G to the outside where they slam Shorty headfirst into the announce desk. Back in the ring, Scott Dawson smartly tries to isolate Shorty G, but he battles himself out of the situation with a suplex.

However, Dash Wilder had already tagged in and he blasts Ali on the apron, stopping any potential tag as he then hits a big backbreaker to Shorty G.The Revival then attempt a double team, but it backfires as Shorty G reverses the move in mid-air, with Ali then sending Wilder to the outside as well.

As we return from commercial, it is Shorty G in control as he aims for a moonsault, but Dawson gets out of the way. However, Shorty picks him back up as Ali hits a double stomp from the top rope, but they only gain a two count.

They try another double team, but Wilder pulls Ali out, and he then eats a kick for that. However, the distraction works as Dawson regains control with a powerbomb. Dawson then sends Short G to the top rope, but he battles out and hits a rolling German Suplex, but Wilder breaks it up with a splash. However, Ali then gets his own back by hitting the 450 Splash to take out Wilder as everyone is laid out.

Ali tags in and tries hitting a tornado DDT, but he is shrugged off by Dawson. The Revival makes a blind tag and Ali attempts another tornado DDT in the other corner, but The Revival reverse with a huge Shatter Machine to end a fantastic match.

Winners: The Revival


Kayla Braxton is then backstage with Bayley, who says to some people, Lacey Evans might be impressive. But she doesn’t care what they think, she does this for herself and the title speaks for itself, as she is a champion.

They are interrupted by Elias who plays the guitar, and he says he picked Bayley as secret Santa this year. His gift… is a song. The song obviously trashes Bayley, which makes Dana Brooke laugh and the champion challenges her to a match, which Brooke accepts.


Straight away Bayley slaps Dana Brooke, which leads her to explode, sending Bayley into the corner as she beats her down, sending the champion to the outside. She hits a handstand elbow and then does the same back in the ring, but Bayley then gets control with a clothesline.

The champion takes Brooke up to the top rope, but she sunset flips out and into a sit-out powerbomb, which almost gets the victory until Bayley kicks out.

The champion ends up using the bottom rope to get a break, and she then takes Brooke out at the knee. The champion then plants Brooke face-first with a potential new finisher as it gets the job done.

Winner: Bayley

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