WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results



WWE posts the latest vignette promoting Sheamus’ return, who claims this home is now for weaklings and one without a heart… but not anymore. He is going to bring the heart back, one that is fired up and ready to crush anyone who stands in his way.


The Miz says he doesn’t have an update on Daniel Bryan and Renee Young then asks why he is so involved in Bryan’s situation. Miz says that they bring out the best and the worst in each other. He says they’ve had some heated battles and incredible matches, and he understands how valuable Bryan is to SmackDown.

Miz says he doesn’t like him, but he respects him and he thinks it is the right time to finally do the right thing. Young asks what went down last week, and Miz says that Wyatt likes to play mind games, and he gets that. However, there’s a line you don’t cross and Miz feels he crossed that line with the photo last week.

Miz says that the photo made him accept the match. He knows Wyatt has changed superstars by facing him, but he is a changed man as well as he is a father. That’s why he is at home, to protect them as he doesn’t know what Wyatt is capable of.

Renee then asks if Miz is afraid, but before he answers, Maryse screams as their baby monitor shows Bray Wyatt has added his freaky puppets to his daughter’s bed while she is inside. When they get into the room, there’s a doll with the Fiend’s face painted on it as he tries to comfort his daughter and demands the cameras leave.


Back to the arena and we get taken to the Fun House where the doll is sat creepily looking. Bray Wyatt says he was just trying to be nice, after all, it’s the Holiday season. He says he can tell how much Miz loves his family, and that’s what will make this hard.

Wyatt says he was so focused on exposing Daniel Bryan, he has exposed himself, and he teases that Bryan is still with…him. Wyatt says he was sick, but he fixed himself and he’s trained himself to not feel pain at all. He says Miz can train himself not to feel love, and he can teach him. Wyatt ends the promo saying that Marine 5 was…FIREEEEEE!


Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro dominate the early exchanges until Tucker flies from the top rope to take out both men. Heavy Machinery then charges and squash Cesaro in between them as they then dump him to the outside.

As we return from commercial though, Cesaro has regained control, with Tucker in a headlock. He smartly takes him to his corner and sets him up on the top rope for Nakamura to drive his knee into his chest, a classic move of his.

Nakamura then works to isolate Tucker, lighting him up with some quick strikes, but he is then flattened after taking too much time and the hot tag is made. Otis comes in and dominates Cesaro, knocking him to the outside as then does the same to Shinsuke.

Cesaro then attempts to sneak up on him, but Otis begins his hulking up process and he then throws him across the ring. Tucker smartly dumps Cesaro out of the ring, but Nakamura then does the same to Tucker and goes for Kinshasa.

However, Otis reverses and they aim for the Compactor until Cesaro puts a stop to it. However, he might stop that idea but he ends up being taken out as well. Sami Zayn provides a distraction to stop the Caterpillar and he gets dumped over the top rope. However, amidst the chaos, Tucker turns around and is nailed with Kinshasa to end the match.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

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