WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results



Kofi Kingston starts the match hot, using his pace and agility to get several early strikes in until he is dropped by a shoulder tackle. Corbin then tries to dump him to the outside, but Kofi reverses and dives, backwards to take out Corbin.

Back from commercial and Corbin has managed to turn the situation around. Sending Corbin flying into the barricade and the ring post, leaving Kofi in a vulnerable position. Kofi does show some heart and throws a few fists, but Corbin quickly nails him with another big clothesline.

Corbin gets sightly too confident though and is sent to the outside. The King grabs the ring post and slips back into the ring, but Kofi has him scouted on that and drops him with an SOS, getting a near fall. Kofi then follows that up with the Boom Drop as he starts to turn things around.

With Kofi getting ready for Trouble In Paradise, Dolph Ziggler grabs his foot to stop him and is caught by the official, leading him to be ejected. However, he does return to attack Big E, and then a huge brawl breaks out between the four men, ending the singles match.

Big E then gets on the microphone and challenges them to a tag team match… shock.


As we return from commercial the match is underway as Dolph Ziggler hits the Famouser on Big E, bringing in his tag team partner.  Corbin continues to dominate, but he plays possum on the top rope, which allows him to regain control with a belly to belly.

The hot tags are made and Kofi hits the ring, lightning up Ziggler, sending him to the outside. But as Kofi gets ready to run the ropes and dive, King Corbin is back in the ring to level Kofi with a clothesline. Ziggler takes out Big E with a superkick on the outside and the duo then bring out the handcuffs, locking Kingston up.

This match is also brought to an end now, as well. Corbin and Ziggler set up Kofi in the same spot as last week and Corbin nails Kofi with the scepter. The Revival then make their appearances known, hitting Shatter Machine to Big E to bring the numbers game.

However, the Big Dog has arrived and he ploughs through Corbin’s security until he meets The Revival who use the numbers advantage. However, they are dealt with by Reigns and Ziggler is then hit with a Superman Punch.

But the numbers game is too much and Corbin nails Reigns from behind. However, he manages to avoid being hit by Corbin’s weapon as he turns it around with a Superman Punch as he picks it up himself, alongside the dog food.

But as he focuses on Corbin, Ziggler destroys him with a superkick. The Revival then set up Roman on the announce table as Ziggler scales the ladder. However, Big E gets back to action to help Roman and the Big Dog ends up sending Ziggler crashing through the announce table himself as he then helps Kofi out.

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