WWE Smackdown LIVE Results – New Champion Crowned! Tag Team Champion Celebration, Elimination Chamber Match Set


JANUARY 29TH. 2019
Report By Doug Enriquez For ProWrestling.com


THE MAN IS HERE!! We start the show with Becky Lynch, who hobbles her way to the ring. She says it’s been a heck of a couple days. She made her way to Raw, and it didn’t take her long to find out who Ronda Rousey really is. She says that the Royal Rumble didn’t start her way. But unlike Ronda, she didn’t crumble when she lost. She won the Royal Rumble on one good leg.

She says that Ronda has made her feel ashamed to be where she is, but she is proud of coming from nothing, and working her way from the pre-show last year to this year’s main event. And nobody handed her anything. She says that she is going to break Ronda’s arm in front of the entire world. And if she doesn’t already know that, she’s going to be carried out nowhere.

Woooooooo! Charlotte Flair is here to give her two cents. Charlotte congratulates Becky for getting out of the kick off show. But it was her that turned her into the man.She said she was happy to give her all of that. Becky stops her and sucker punches her and calmly leaves the ring and walks up the ramp smiling. Charlotte attacks from behind that the two brawl, until eventually separated by officials.

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Shinsuke ran at R-Truth fast and hit a dropkick and then a reverse exploder right away! Shinsuke set up for the Kinshasa but Truth reversed and sent Shinsuke crashing to the mat. Shinsuke hits Truth with a kick and then puts him on the top rope and rams him with the double knees, not once but twice.

Nakamura picks up Truth and goes for a landslide, but Truth turns it into a pin. 1…..2…….3? Shinsuke looks to have kicked out but the referee hit the third count and rang the bell! Truth is the champion!

Winner AND NEW United States Champion: R-Truth!

Everyone looks confused, even Carmella and Truth, but they celebrate! They’re interrupted by Rusev, who says that if Nakamura didn’t deserve the title, Truth definitely doesn’t either. So he challenges him to a title shot right now. Rusev gets in the face of Truth and Truth gives him a title shot!

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