WWE Smackdown Results (5/14): The Kevin Owens Show!



Randy Orton has control early hitting Ali with quick European uppercuts. Orton tosses him off the ropes and pops him up, but Ali hits a dropkick. Ali jumps to the 2nd rope and then hits Orton with a tornado DDT. Ali goes for the cover, but Andrade breaks it up. Ali bounces off the ropes, and hits Almas with a head scissors. Almas gets up and clotheslines Ali out of his boots.

Balor comes in and he grabs the legs of Almas and hits Andrade with a double stomp right to the middle of the sternum. Balor comes up and tries to send Almas to the corner, but Almas reverses and hits Balor with a meteroa.

Vega calls for Almas to get a ladder, and he does and drives it into the midsection of Balor. He hits Orton with it, but then Ali hits him with a surprise super kick. Ali goes to the outside to handle Orton but Balor runs and hits a summersault plancha over the top to both Orton and Ali.

Andrade comes and tosses Balor into the steel steps, then brings him into the ring and hits Balor with the Hammerlock DDT to pick up the victory!

Winner: Andrade “Cien” Almas

After the match, Andrade climbs to the top of a ladder to grab the briefcase, but out of nowhere, the WILDCARD Ricochet comes out and attacks Ricochet! He knocks him off the ladder and grabs the briefcase for himself!


Charlotte is in the middle of the ring and says that Sunday is the culmination of the rivalry that she has had with Becky Lynch. A video segment plays that shows the history of the two women and how this came to be.


Lacey Evans is backstage and says that people are too busy watching the reruns of the Becky/Charlotte show, but people forget that she will also be taking the championship from Becky and Becky will have a new nickname…Becky “Black Eye”. And she will have a new nickname too…Lacey Evans…Raw….Women’s….Champion.

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