WWE Smackdown Results (5/14): The Kevin Owens Show!



Lars Sullivan is backstage and they ask him to comment on the destruction…but the interviewer is so terrified of him (maybe that he will make an inappropriate comment). She leave and he stares violently.


Kevin Owens is backstage and says that we will find out this weekend if Kofi can stand on his own. But he won’t be able to stand when he breaks Kofi’s back. Or maybe he will pop his shoulder out….or maybe….

Kofi’s music hits and Kevin is interrupted, but it’s time for the Kevin Owens show!


Kofi comes out pancakes and all! Owens stays backstage while Kofi is in the ring and the two start talking. He asks him if he will be ready to go against the most dangerous man in all of WWE. They show a clip of Owens decimating MANY opponents. But Kofi says that doesn’t prove anything and tells Owens to come out.

Owens comes out and makes it halfway down the aisle but he changes his mind. Kofi runs him down and the two start going at it. Out of nowhere, the last wild card Sami Zayn comes out to help his best friend, Kevin Owens! The two beat down Kofi, but Xavier Woods comes down. He is injured and quickly goes into the steel barricade.

Owens and Zayn continue to decimate Kofi and Owens puts Kofi in the corner. He screams at him that he will be all alone and could finish it right now if he wanted to. But he is going to leave just enough to have him get to Sunday. He winds up for a cannonball, but Kofi moves out of the way and Owens rolls out of the ring. Zayn goes after Kofi, but misses a Helluva kick! Kofi gets up and hits a Trouble In Paradise to Zayn to finish the show.

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