WWE Smackdown Results: Strowman Fights For Gold, Tag Team Turmoil, Royal Rumble Fallout


January 31st, 2020


The Bloodline kick things off, with Roman Reigns saying the good news is he whooped Corbin’s ass all over the stadium. But, the bad news is…and The Usos jump in and say he lost. Roman admits he doesn’t like to lose, but tonight they will get back on track by beating the King and his little b*tches, and then they will focus on WrestleMania.

King Corbin then comes out and tells Roman that he knows without The Usos help, he wouldn’t have won on Sunday. Corbin then says if it wasn’t for them attacking him like savages, he would have won the Royal Rumble match.

Jimmy Uso jumps in and reminds him of what has really been going, as they list off the different moves that they hit the trio with at the Royal Rumble. Corbin then says that’s funny, and he’s sure they had time to make jokes when they were gone, embarrassing their families.

King Corbin then shows the clip of Roman getting covered in dog food once again, as Roman calls him out for constantly showing it, claiming he has a fetish. So, because of that, he challenges them to accept a stipulation for tonight.

The losing team has to eat dog food (yes, I did just write that). Of course, Corbin accepts it, and huge bowls of dog food are brought out to the ringside area for later.


Tucker and Dash Wilder kick things off with the power of the Heavy Machinery member getting the best of the early moments. He grips Dash in a bear hug and launches him into the arms of Otis but Wilder smartly fights out with some headbutts. Both men get sent into opposing corners and Gran Metalik and John Morrison tag themselves in.

Metalik picks up the pace of things, flying off the ropes and taking Morrison out as he then dropkicks The Miz who tries to interfere. Metalik then takes out Morrison again but The Revival break things up. Lince Dorado flies off the top rope hitting a double crossbody and Heavy Machinery then get involved.

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They’re sent to the outside and as Lince looks to leap outside, The Revival catch him and smash the masked wrestler into the ring post. The Revival gets wiped out by Heavy Machinery and John Morrison then flies out of the ring to take them out as well. The Miz then looks to dive out but Scott Dawson levels him with a clothesline in the ring. He then gets tossed into everyone on the outside and we head to a commercial break.

After the break, it is John Morrison and Lince Dorado in the ring as The Miz enters the action officially for the first time. Morrison drops Metalik on the outside but Dorado takes them both out with a double springboard stunner. With nobody available to him, Lince brings in Otis who starts clearinghouse of absolutely everyone in sight.

Morrison tries to get a few shots in on Otis who simply gets fired up by everything he does as Otis launches him across the ring and then charges into the corner with a double splash to Morrison and Miz. Otis follows it up with a double caterpillar.

Heavy Machinery then aims for The Compactor, but Dash Wilder pulls Tucker away. Otis plants Miz but Dawson had already made a tag and he attacks Otis from behind, allowing Metalik tot ag in. He flies from the top rope to take out Dawson and Dorade follows it with a frog splash but he kicks out.

We then get the classic multi-man routine of everyone taking each other out to clear the ring, eventually boiling down to Dorado and Dawson. The Lucha House Party member hits two moonsaults from the second rope, but Dash Wilder appears to stop things.

Dawson hits a superplex from one corner and Wilder follows it with a splash from the other. However, Miz enters and stops them as he hits a Skull Crushing Finale as Morrison follows up with Starship Pain to get the win.

Winners (and new #1 contenders): The Miz & John Morrison

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