WWE SmackDown Results (3/13): Empty Arena Show, Jeff Hardy Returns, John Cena Targets The Fiend



Daniel Bryan is shown backstage confronting Drew Gulak. He says he is willing to learn and asks if Gulak is willing to teach. Sami then appears and says it is funny because he asked him to be in the group before, and now he is a shell of his former self.

Bryan tries to confront him but Cesaro steps in the way and says if he has an issue with Sami, he has an issue with him. Bryan says if he has an issue, he can meet him in the ring.


At this point, WWE is showing the entire tag team championship Elimination Chamber match from the recent PPV. If you want to see full coverage of how that match went down, check out our live coverage from the entire PPV- here.

After that match, we return to the PC with the champions in the ring. The Miz says the first time they teamed up, they won championships and 13 years later they are still winning championships. John Morrison then says if there is someone who doesn’t think they’re the best tag team, they should speak up now. Miz then says if people don’t think he’s the best technician of all time, they should speak up.

The two of them continue to work the promo like there is a crowd, despite it being empty. Morrison says they aren’t there to pander to fans, they are just there for themselves and the titles as they tell people to be jealous.


Mojo Rawley appears on commentary as he reveals that Rob Gronkowski will be here next week on WWE SmackDown. While he didn’t reveal whether or not he had officially signed, Gronkowski will be appearing next week.

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