WWE SmackDown Results (3/13): Empty Arena Show, Jeff Hardy Returns, John Cena Targets The Fiend



Cesaro manages to take down Daniel Bryan early on, and while Bryan catches his opponent with a few kicks in the corner, Cesaro responds with some huge uppercuts of his own. Cesaro maintains control as we return from the commercial break, powering Bryan over from the apron and down to the mat with a huge superplex.

Cesaro hits a big uppercut in the corner, but Daniel Bryan manages to turn things around with a clothesline of his own, opening up the opportunity for the Yes Kicks. However, Cesaro turns things around once more by launching Bryan up into the air, catching him with the uppercut.

Cesaro then locks in the Crossface and he attempts to continue the attack, but Bryan smartly reverses with the roll-up to get the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

After the match, Shinsuke Nakamura attacks Daniel Bryan until Drew Gulak gets involved. He tries to stop things but the numbers game works in the heels favor until Daniel Bryan hits a suicide dive to help level things up and send them packing.


Straight away, King Corbin jumps Jeff Hardy, immediately taking the fight to Jeff firing him into the barricade several times before the bell rings. However, when the match starts, Jeff Hardy gets things going and takes down the King.

He goes for the Twist of Fate, but Corbin manages to reverse and sends Jeff into the corner. However, Corbin wastes no time in regaining control as he hits Deep Six and then talks trash to Elias at ringside. Elias gets up on the commentary table and begins playing the guitar, which winds up Corbin.

The King goes to attack Jeff, but the distraction works and he hits the Twist of Fate (which Cole calls the Twist of Fury?) and he follows it with the Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Triple H then appears on the microphone and says we are missing the most important part of tonight, which is the fans. However, he says it hasn’t stopped the fans from pouring their hearts out. He believes WWE has earned the right to use the words, Then. Now. Forever.


John Cena says this is a first time for him, but he can’t wait to get back together with the fans soon. Michael Cole mentions that The Fiend was born from him winning at WrestleMania 30. Cena says multiple have said this before, and it is a long list of names of people with potential.

He says that Bray Wyatt went in a downhill spiral after that match because Bray Wyatt got lazy. Cena says he has suffered monumental setbacks in his career, he lost to RVD, Miz, CM Punk (yes, he said CM Punk,) he also says he was “squashed” by The Undertaker.

He says people don’t say he has been buried because fans know who he is and if he fails he puts the blame on himself. Cena says they have too many Superstars who say they want to do this job, but then when the demands get too heavy they get lazy.

Cena says he accepted a challenge because he beleives in what he said. Cena says The Fiend isn’t the future, and he lists a bunch of names including; McIntyre, Ciampa, Velveteen, and Riddle as names WWE should invest in.

He asks why we give fifth and sixth chances to people, as he wants to give chances to people that earn it. Cena says he has taken the match to take Bray Wyatt out of the equation. He promises the match will be physical and gruesome and it will be uncomfortable to watch.

Cena says this will serve to accomplish what should have happened six years ago, which is ending the existence of the most overhyped, overvalued, and overprivileged WWE Superstar in existence. Bray Wyatt (not The Fiend) then appears in the crowd (of one.)

He says even though Cena is saying some hateful stuff about him, it’s good to see him. Wyatt points out he is a big Hollywood star now, he has big muscles and beautiful girlfriends on tap and people can’t imagine what it is like to be Cena for one day.

Wyatt then adds that he’s no sick, Cena is. He knows why Cena can’t say no, which is because John Cena only cares about John Cena, and he doesn’t care who he buries along the way as long as he gets the spotlight. Wyatt says six years ago, Cena took something from him, and he has thought about it a lot.

He said he wanted to take his hands and smash them into his skull to stop the voices. Wyatt says one day he started listening to the voices, and they took his world and made it into a funhouse. Bray says The Fiend put him back together, and at WrestleMania it is going to be a slaughter, he just doesn’t know it yet, as he asks John to let him in.

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