WWE Smackdown Results (10/10): Sami Zayn Answers For His Crimes, Baron Corbins Defends US Title


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WWE Raw Results
October 9, 2017
Report by Mike Killam for ProWrestling.com

The brand new WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions are out to kick off the show. The Usos hit the ring looking a little banged up after their barbaric Hell in a Cell match on Sunday. The brag about winning the titles inside the cell and, by finally ending their rivalry with The New Day they have put the entire Smackdown tag team division “on lock”. Jimmy says that being inside Hell in a Cell changes you as a person, so with that being said they want The New Day to come out because they have something they need to talk about.

The boys make their way to a huge pop from the crowd. Kofi Kingston is dancing around, but Woods and Big E are too dead to be any fun. The Usos flat out say that compared to the two teams in the ring, everyone in the back absolutely sucks. They talk about what the WWE Universe saw on Sunday, from the kendo sticks, chairs, handcuffs and even a cowbell they used to brutalize each other. Jimmy says what the fans didn’t see was them driving with one arm because the other was out of its socket. What they didn’t see is how scared their families were at the end of the night. Jey said that it finally hit them – the only people who understand what they went through on Sunday are The New Day. Woods wants to know if it’s a finally time for a truce between the best two tag teams in the world.

The Hype Bros come out and demand that they get a chance at the titles. The Usos mock them and say Mojo is lucky to even have a career, much less hang with them. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin make their way out to plead their cases as well. Jimmy Uso talks about all of Shelton Benjamin’s past accomplishments and accolades, but wants to know what he’s done lately. “ALL OF YOU, BACK OF THE LINE!”

Both the Fashion Police and The Ascension are next in line to add to the chaos, but the champions are sick of all interruptions from people who “can’t hang with them”. New Day cuts him off just to say that they really like the Fashion Files, so Tyler Breeze and Fandango can stay if they want to.

Smackdown general manager Daniel Bryan has heard enough. The former WWE Champion comes out to the ramp and is not looking happy. He tells all six teams that it’s really not the time for this and demands that everyone get the hell out of the ring. The crowd boos and chants “NO!” and Bryan basically tells them to get over it. Okay then… Bryan announces that the Hype Bros, the World’s Gables Tag Team, the Ascension and the Fashion Police will compete in a four-way match with the winner getting a shot at the tag team titles!

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  • Chris Lemieux

    Storyline should be that Kevin Owens gets traded to raw or else he hurts Vince who he has “kidnapped”. Shane comes limping out to say he has been traded. So Monday he shows up on Raw and gloats about how he doesn’t have to deal with a McMahon anymore. That’s where Stephanie returns and reminds him she still is commissioner of Raw even though Kurt has been running the show. That sends him into a blind rage and he assaults Stephanie. The next week Owens will be bragging about attacking Stephanie and then lights go out—HHH returns and kicks Owens’ ass for what he did. The authority has their face turn while Owens gets some monster heel heat for attacking Stephanie.

    • Chris Lemieux

      Oh and he would give Vince a pop up powerbomb to generate epic heel heat before he leaves smack down one and for all. Then Sami Zayn could fued with Shane while Owens has his storyline with HHH/Steph on Raw. Will it happen like that? Highly doubtful.

  • Doug

    I’m sorry—but I CANNOT STAND Mojo

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