WWE SmackDown Results (10/18): Reigns & Bryan Team, Nikki Cross Becomes #1 Contender, More


October 18, 2019


The two men start things off with a classic collar and elbow tie-up, which Roman Reigns starts to dominate, putting the champion into the corner, but once Shinsuke Nakamura gets out of it, and straight away starts to take control with his proficient strikes to the Big Dog.

Roman quickly gets himself back into the match with a shoulder to the champion, but once again Nakamura unloads with a big strike when he gets the chance, only to be knocked down a notch with an uppercut and a Samoan Drop by Reigns.

As Nakamura regroups on the outside, Sami Zayn is quick to offer guidance and even gets involved as he pulls him away to stop his partner being hit by a Drive-By from Roman. Following a quick commercial break, Nakamura is back in charge of the match after catching Roman with a big knee strike during the break.

Roman eventually breaks free of the submission he is in by elbowing his way out and he follows it up with a couple of clotheslines as he brings the fight back to the champion. Reigns takes the beating to Shinsuke in the corner and follows it up with a big boot, but as he goes for a Superman Punch, Nakamura catches him with an amazing reversal into the armbar.

With Reigns unable to reach the ropes, he instead powers up Nakamura and hits a huge sit-out powerbomb, but Shinsuke manages to kick out. Once again though, Zayn gets involved, heading to the ring apron which distracts Roman, allowing Nakamura to set up the snap German suplex from the second rope as Nakamura slides underneath.

Back in the ring, Nakamura attempts his finisher, but that is reversed as Roman catches him first with the Superman Punch, yet Shinsuke manages to kick out just in time. As Reigns sets up the Spear he is attacked from behind out of nowhere by Baron Corbin, who hits the End of Days, leading to a disqualification.

Winner (by DQ): Roman Reigns…therefore Shinsuke Nakamura retains.

After the match, the two men look to keep attacking Roman but Daniel Bryan heads to the ring in order to make the save, initially cleaning house until Zayn grabs his foot, stopping him from hitting a suicide dive and instead he eats a Kinshasa for his troubles.


Backstage the New Day is seen singing until Tucker slams down a table, and says he wants to build some team spirit, with Otis bringing some pancake protein and simply drinking it all as they get ready for tonight’s match.

King Corbin is then asked if he has anything to say about attacking Roman Reigns, but instead, he just puts on his crown, laughs and leaves.


Curtis Axel starts off by mocking the height of Shorty Cable, and the King of the Ring finalist shows he isn’t to be laughed at with a deep arm drag. However, after a brief interruption from Bo Dallas on the outside, Axel is able to take firm control inside the ring.

Eventually, Gable is thrown onto the ring apron and he avoids any issues with Dallas this time before getting back into the ring and putting away his opponent with the Ankle Lock for an impressive victory.

Winner: Shorty Gable

After the match Gable says the reality is that his height makes him what he is, and in this life, it is okay to be exactly who he is. Gable says you will run into people who will want to screw with you, but he says thank you to those, as he was made to look deep down inside himself, and he liked what he saw.

Gable adds that anybody can overcome and tonight he is going to go accept who he is, he is Shorty Gable. In fact, he wants to shorten that to Shorty G.

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