WWE SmackDown Results (10/25): Brock Lesnar Goes On The Attack, Team Hogan & Flair Collide, More


October 25th, 2019


We kick start tonight’s show with Miz TV which has Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan along with the SmackDown roster members of their Crown Jewel teams. After Miz introduces everyone, Hogan takes to the microphone to say he has put the best team together, and he wants to know what Ric is going to do when Team Hogan destroys him.

Flair says there is no love lost between them, and he tries to put over his team (slightly strange promo from Nature Boy), stating that Crown Jewel will be just like when they went one on one, as Hogan will go down one more time, while also claiming he is sick of seeing Roman Reigns all the time.

Hogan then points out that Flair has never beaten him, and he goes on to put over all of his team until Sami Zayn cuts him off. Zayn mocks Shorty G, saying that he could stand on Ali’s shoulders but he would still only be half the man Shinsuke Nakamura is.

Shorty G says he can laugh all he wants, but he has embraced who he is and he will be proud to silence the doubters while Ali points out that Zayn doesn’t even compete anymore as he is just a mouthpiece.

King Corbin then joins the conversation, stating the Crown Jewel was named in his honor, and he will take the team to victory while stating Reigns is going to do what he always does, which is let people down. However, Roman points out he isn’t a real king and says that the fans like it when he looks stupid, as it is entertaining.

However, he doesn’t like it when Corbin talks stupid stuff, and the only way to stop that is to punch him in the face, which leads to Hogan suggesting a six-man tag right now. Sami says he will take it under advisement, but they don’t need to do anything on their time. 

As they leave, Hulk challenges them for that match in the main event tonight and Sami Zayn accepts it (he’s had a long thinking time). However, Zayn claims he has tweaked his neck on the way over here, so he won’t be competing, but there is someone in the back who has been dying for an opportunity and he is going to bring him out, right now…

That man is: Cesaro!

However, Cesaro wastes no time here and heads straight to the ring as all six men begin brawling around the ringside area with the babyfaces cleaning house and posing in the middle of the ring.


Dolph Ziggler kicks things off with Kofi Kingston, and Ziggler straight away takes down Kofi, dancing around to celebrate, but mocking him is a mistake as Kingston quickly takes him out with a boot to the head. However, after trying to go to the top rope, a distraction by Robert Roode allows Dolph to shove him off to the outside.

Back from commercial and the pace has certainly picked up as Big E plants Ziggler with a belly to belly before sending Roode over the top rope, returning his focus to Dolph with a big clothesline. With Dolph on the outside, Kingston is launched over the top ropes to take him out.

Back in the ring though Roode hits a spinebuster to Big E and as Kingston returns to try and help him, Ziggler returns to the ring and catches Kofi with a roll-up to get the win.

Winners: Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

After the match, The Revival hits the ring and the heels attack the New Day until Heavy Machinery make their way out to save the multiple-time Tag Team Champions as the babyfaces stand tall.

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