WWE SmackDown Live Results (10/30): WWE Championship On The Line, Randy Orton Sends A Message, Crown Jewel Hype, More


WWE Smackdown Results
October 30th, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick things off this week with the WWE Champion, AJ Styles to a thunderous response from the WWE Universe. Styles says he needs to get something off his chest but wants to say it to his opponents face, so here comes Daniel Bryan!

Styles says he needs to apologize about what happened last week and Bryan says there is no need as they are fighting for the same prize and he has an infinite amount of respect for AJ. But, he says when he looks at him he doesn’t see a friend, he just sees the WWE Championship.

Bryan said when he was hurt the thing that he kept dreaming about was the WWE Championship and the only thing standing in his way is AJ, so there is nothing personal but he is going to take the title from him, this Friday at Crown Jewel (which gets booed).

AJ said that’s good to know, but he didn’t let him finish. He’s sorry because he lied last week, the Pele Kick was meant for Bryan, but he looks forward to doing it again this Friday. Bryan says he doesn’t lie, so AJ should believe him when he says he feels like hitting him on purpose.

AJ says they don’t have to wait until Crown Jewel, he will defend the title RIGHT NOW! As the two superstars get ready… here comes Shane McMahon! He says we have seen this before, two superstars saying they want to go at but it never transpires, but we will have the WWE Crown Jewel WWE Championship match… right now! It’s happening, here we go, up next is AJ vs Bryan and it’s for the WWE Title.


With both men feeling each other out early on, it’s Daniel Bryan who gets the upper hand with his control of AJ’s arm. Both men then begin becoming frustrated and start shoving each other and Bryan goes back to work on AJ’s arm, shoving him straight into the turnbuckles before unleashing his kicks into the same arm.

The pace then picks up quickly as Styles throws Bryan to the outside, but the challenger quickly drops him outside and returns to the ring only to hit a suicide dive back on the outside as we head to commercial. Back from the break and Bryan is once again hitting his famous Yes Kicks, but the champion quickly turns things around and begins isolating the knee of Bryan.

Styles continues working on the left knee, kicking him from behind which forces Bryan to fall to the mat, but he tries to back his way out of the corner with an uppercut, only for the champion to pick him up and drive the knee into the top turnbuckle.

AJ attempts to hit a moonsault but Bryan catches him and unleashes some huge knees to the face and once again he is back to work on the injured arm and connects with a big kick to AJ’s head. Bryan then attempts to hit the Running Knee but AJ counters with a huge dropkick, leveling Bryan.

Styles then looked for his finisher but this time it was Bryan on the reversal pushing him onto the top turnbuckle and Bryan looks to suplex AJ from the top rope but the champion changes his body position and lands on top of the challenge with Bryan instantly grasping his neck.

As we return from commercial Bryan has the Yes Lock firmly grasped in but AJ is quickly able to grab the rope. AJ then gets his attack in by lifting Bryan up and dropping him to the outside of the ring before dropping him knee first into he announcer’s table.

Bryan responds by throwing AJ into the steel stairs, with his injured arm first and back in the ring he quickly sprints and dropkicks AJ twice and then hit a hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle, continuing what has been a very hard-hitting match.

Bryan now carries on working the left arm of AJ, pulling it down from the top rope and then following on with several kicks until Styles was able to catch his leg and hit a dragon screw onto the second rope. AJ then looks for the Phenomenal Forearm but again Bryan catches him and gets in the Yes Lock but AJ makes him release by putting him in a pinning combination.

Out of nowhere Styles reverse Bryans submission and hits a huge Styles Clash but doesn’t go for a pin and instead locks in a Calf Crusher and forces Bryan to tap out to defend his WWE Title and end a fantastic match.

Winner: AJ Styles

Following the match, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan have a handshake and then out of nowhere Samoa Joe attacks AJ Styles and chokes him out and despite Daniel Bryan attempting to help the champion, Joe quickly locks him in a Coquina Clutch as well. Joe then grabs the WWE Championship and lifts it high above both Bryan and Styles.

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