WWE SmackDown Live Results (10/30): WWE Championship On The Line, Randy Orton Sends A Message, Crown Jewel Hype, More



Becky Lynch simply states that she won. She says that she was folded like an accordion, put through a table, but she won and is the last woman standing. She said there was only one woman who everyone knew who was the rightful main event after Evolution, which was her.

She said the victory proved she is the man and that if she needs to go and slap the heads of all of them, then she will. Becky says every women Ronda has faced so far was beaten already by the opening bell, but she has traveled the world to smash people like her. She didn’t come to cosplay or talk about a reality TV show, she’s walking into Survivor Series to rip Ronda’s arm off.


Jeff Hardy starts the match out strong, taking the fight straight to his rival Randy Orton, but as he looks for Whisper in the Wind, The Miz pulls his feet whilst the official is blind to the situation and this allows Randy Orton to take control of the match and he and Miz start the attack.

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With a sneaky thumb to the eye, Orton continues the assault but finally Hardy is able to hit the Whisper in the Wind to create a break and both men are able to make the tags and Rey Mysterio comes out the gates hot, dropping Miz from the top turnbuckle straight away.

Mysterio then hits a huge DDT after rolling and jumping from the corner, but Miz is able to kick out just in time. Miz attempts to cause problems but he can’t cope with the pace from Hardy and Mysterio who hit some incredible double team moves including a poetry in motion and this leads to a 619 followed by a Swantom Bomb and that’s all she wrote with the babyfaces heading to Saudi Arabia with confidence.

Winners: Jeff Hardy & Rey Mysterio

Or are they, because out of nowhere Randy Orton takes out both men with some huge RKO’s and his partner isn’t safe either, as The Miz eats an RKO as well.

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