WWE SmackDown Results (10/4): Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston, The Rock Comes Home & More in FOX Debut



October 4th 2019


We are kicking things off in a major way here as both Vince and Stephanie McMahon make their way to the brand new entrance ramp, with Stephanie welcoming us to FOX and Vince welcoming us to Friday Night SmackDown as we are now shown the brand new opening package for the show.

Back to the ring and we have PYRO! Now it’s time to get straight to the action and we kick off life on FOX with women’s tag team action.


Before the match gets underway, Becky Lynch says it feels good to be kicking off the first episode of Friday Night SmackDown, because this show is in her blood as it is where she changed the game and where all the fans raised her up.

However, before the match continues, King Corbin makes his way out. Corbin says that everyone knows who should be starting the show-off, and it’s him. Corbin questions if Becky thinks she is still The Man and he hits the ring….IF YA SMELLLLLLL


The People’s Champion is in the building! Thunderous ovation as expected for The Rock here on SmackDown. The Rock and Becky Lynch share a fun handshake and he goes to do the same to Corbin, but then blanks him and instead hits the top rope for his trademark pose.

The Rock says many moons ago, The Rock uttered a phrase that changed the landscape, he told a jabroni he was going to lay the smackdown. Rock says since then it has become an institution that is known all around the world, in front of the millions… AND MILLIONS.

Rocky then tells Corbin he looks like a broke-ass Burger King on crack. The Rock says we are all here on Fox, with The Man and cracky waiting for him to say…. FINALLY, The Rock has come back…home.

Before he can continue, Cobin shuts him off and says he needs to make a correction, as this isn’t his home anyway as he is looking at the Great One, the most electrifying King in sports entertainment. Corbin says they need to know their roles and shut their mouths.

The Rock asks Becky if he can take this one, and he points out that winning the tournament doesn’t actually make him a king, and he points out that Becky is The Man, but she isn’t walking with a pair of testicles… and Lynch chimes in that if she did they would be a whole lot bigger than Corbin’s.

Corbin says his testicles are perfectly adequate, and he is the King, so he will do whatever he wants as he is superior to everyone. Rocky asks Corbin if that is what he thinks… and as he starts Lynch jumps in with an IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!

The Rock puts Corbin over as a badass for his accomplishments and says that he is going to make him feel good, and he gets the crowd to chant STD at Corbin… standing for Super Tough Dude. The Rock says he can see Corbin getting angry, but that is what happens when Corbin insults The Man, and insults the People, and Corbin then takes his gear off, but The Man and The Rock start throwing hands to Corbin.

Lynch hits a Leg Drop and The Rock follows it with a People’s Elbow and… Rock Bottom! The Rock says he loves SmackDown… If Ya Smell What The Rock Is Cooking!


Bayley and Charlotte Flair start this match out with Bayley attempting to get to Becky Lynch early which leads to Flair taking control early, but the SmackDown Women’s Champion wastes no time regaining control. Sasha Banks is then brought in and hits a strong double knee to her long-time rival.

Charlotte turns things around with a few classic chops and ends up disposing of Sasha to the outside with a big boot. Flair then goes to the top rope as Bayley looks to intervene, but Lynch stops her… for now. The official pulls Lynch back and Bayley then gets back to the apron to shove Flair off the top rope to the outside.

As we return from commercial Flair makes the tag to Becky Lynch who comes in and takes down Bayley, hitting the Bexsploder, but as she looks for the Dis-Arm-Her, Sasha gets involved, only to be sent packing as well, with Lynch hitting a leg drop from the second rope instead.

Bayley smartly hangs up Flair to get some breathing room, but Flair tags in and hits Natural Selection, seemingly having the match done until Banks breaks up the pinfall. Lynch and Banks then go at it as they brawl while Flair and Bayley brawl.

In the end, it is the babyfaces who win out, sending the heels flying as Charlotte Flair is finally able to hit the moonsault to the outside, taking out both Bayley and Banks. Flair quickly puts Bayley back into the ring and forces her to tap out with a Figure Eight.

Winners: Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

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