WWE SmackDown Results (10/4): Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston, The Rock Comes Home & More in FOX Debut



Backstage The New Day are interviewed as Kofi Kingston is asked about the main event tonight, and Kofi Kingston says it isn’t a surprise he is an underdog as he is the underdog in all his matches, that is what he does and tonight he will climb mountains and overcome the odds.

Xavier Woods points out that Kofi has asked them to not come out tonight, as he wants to prove that he deserves to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!


Before the match can happen we have a Firefly Fun House, with Bray Wyatt welcoming Seth Rollins to the Fun House, saying it is only fair to introduce everyone to his home and his friends since we are in SmackDown’s new home tonight.

All of Wyatt’s friends then appear and introduce themselves, with Rambling Rabbit dressed up as Seth Rollins saying he wants to be like him when he grows up. Rambling tells Rollins not to get into the Hell in a Cell this weekend, and instead, Wyatt wants to show Seth what will happen on Sunday.

Rambling Rabbit plays Rollins and Mercy plays The Fiend, and it is a pretty onesided match inside the cage as Mercy destroys Rambling Rabbit, who is once again torn apart. Wyatt says they have all hurt for so long, and now it is Rollins’ turn, telling him he will see him in hell.

After that break, we get to the action and Shinsuke Nakamura almost locks in an armbar immediately, but Rollins powers out and hits a buckle bomb as he quickly follows it up with a double suicide dive to Nakamura to take full control.

After a brief distraction by Sami Zayn, Nakamura manages to hit several quick shots, but Seth responds with a slingblade and then launches himself off the top rope with a knee before catching Shinsuke with a superkick. Rollins then sets up for the Stomp, but the lights begin to go out instead…

Rollins makes his way to the top of the ramp as the lights flash on and off and The Fiend appears from behind, attacking Rollins, locking in the Mandible Claw before launching him off the stage.

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