WWE SmackDown Results (10/4): Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston, The Rock Comes Home & More in FOX Debut



Kevin Owens has no interest in listening to the usual big entrance for Shane McMahon and he runs up the ramp to start this fight, with KO launching Shane into the steel steps before setting up a ladder between the ring and the barrier with the fans.

After hitting Shane onto the ladder, Kevin Owens then looks to climb but Shane quickly stops him with a side Russian leg sweep. Owens then tries to launch the ladder towards Shane, but he dodges it. As Owens looks to go back and get it, McMahon slides out, hitting the ladder onto Owens as he then grabs it again and smashes it onto Kevin’s back.

Shane O’Mac then clears up the announce table and sets up Kevin Owens on the table as he scales the top rope, hitting the Elbow Drop to KO, sending him crashing through the table!

Back from commercial and it is Shane set up on the ladder and Owens hits a Frog Splash which buckles the ladder in half, crashing Shane McMahon down with it. As Owens then looks to climb the ladder in the ring, Shane appears with a chair and swings at KO’s legs, bringing him back down as he continues the attack.

Shane then sets up Kevin Owens in the corner at the bottom turnbuckle, placing a ladder in front of his face as Shane then goes Coast to Coast. Shane then tries to climb the ladder but Kevin Owens grabs him and hits a powerbomb, bouncing Shane off a ladder that is set up on the bottom turnbuckles.

KO then climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase to win the match, Shane McMahon is terminated!

Winner: Kevin Owens (Shane McMahon must leave WWE)

Following the match, Kevin Owens gets on the microphone and tells Shane… You’re Fired! As he follows it up with a Stunner for good measure.


Kayla Braxton welcomes Paul Heyman backstage, where he says he doesn’t care what Kofi Kingston has to say as they show what happened on WWE Raw this week. Paul says that Rey was in Brock’s way so he got rid of him, and now Kofi is in his way, so everyone needs to do the math.

Heyman then tells us that it isn’t a prediction, it’s a spoiler that Brock Lesnar will end tonight as the WWE Champion.


We have a seemingly very random eight-man tag team match now which Dolph Ziggler starts out on fire, hitting a Zig Zag to The Miz, but he doesn’t go for a pin and Miz plants him with a DDT to tag in Braun Strowman who quickly starts dominating Ziggler.

As he goes for the win, Robert Roode stops him, and then the usual, melee of everyone hitting a major finisher or move on each other to clear things out, takes place. Strowman then goes outside and starts his run around the ring, smashing every member of the opposite team on the way.

Strowman then stands up and faces off with Tyson Fury, the boxing star, which allows Dolph Ziggler to jump and attack him from behind. Strowman then launches Ziggler into the barricade, knocking Fury. Back in the ring, Strowman defeats Ziggler to get the win.

Winners: Strowman, Heavy Machinery, Miz

After the match, Tyson Fury hops the barricade and tries to get to the ring but tons of security get in the way as Fury screams at Strowman, possibly teasing a future match here.

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