WWE SmackDown Results (10/4): Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston, The Rock Comes Home & More in FOX Debut



Daniel Bryan has joined the commentary table for this match as Erick Rowan starts out on top, sending Roman Reigns to the outside as the heels attack him. Roman then does the same to Rowan but he ends up fighting the lumberjacks on the outside.

Roman tries to take advantage by running towards him, but Rowan catches him and launches Reigns into the barricade as the heels once again pile in. As Reigns gets back into the ring Rowan hits a big spin kick, but Roman is able to kick out.

Back from commercial and Reigns is starting to pick up some momentum, hitting a Samoan Drop, although he can only get a two count. Roman then attempts a Superman Punch but gets caught, however as Rowan hits a big boot, Reigns responds with a Superman punch.

With both men down, Luke Harper makes his way out to the ring as Daniel Bryan meets him and all the lumberjacks begin fighting until Reigns dives over the top rope to take out everyone. Rowan then gets back to his feet and picks up Ali, launching him into Reigns as he hits a huge running crossbody inside the ring to Roman.

Rowan then looks for an Iron Claw, but Roman reverses and hits a Superman Punch only for Luke Harper to get involved. Bryan gets back into the ring and hits the Running Knees to Harper, while Reigns Spears Rowan to get the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns


Kofi Kingston runs straight into an F5 and this is over. We have a new WWE Champion, in seconds.

Winner (and new WWE Champion): Brock Lesnar

Rey Mysterio is here… but he isn’t alone he is with CAIN VELASQUEZ… He’s Here!

The two former UFC enemies lock up and Velasquez takes down Lesnar and throws rights and lefts as Lesnar backs off and runs away. Brock stares down his former UFC rival as he makes the referee lift his hand once more, as Paul Heyman lifts the WWE Championship high.

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