WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/27): Triple Threat TLC Match Set, Becky Lynch & AJ Styles Return, More!



AJ Styles says for 14 days he has been without the WWE Championship and they seem a lot longer than the 371 days he did have it. Styles says he hates losing, but it’s the way that he lost that bothers him. Styles didn’t think the target would move from his back to somewhere else.

He says he has been in the position where you will do anything to win, but what bothers him as when Daniel Bryan kicks him in the face after the match, which meant he wasn’t medically cleared for Survivor Series or last week’s SmackDown Live.

Styles says he is looking forward to smashing Bryan’s face in, but they can do it right here, right now. However, Bryan isn’t here, and Styles adds that at the live events Bryan wasn’t there either, and says someone has been watching Raw and seeing how they do things over there.

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AJ says for 371 days he didn’t miss a live event, a PPV, or SmackDown Live. AJ tells Bryan to bring his dreams and excuses to TLC, but most importantly tells him not to forget the title as it belongs to him.


Before the match is even able to start Shinsuke Nakamura attacks Rusev from behind and then hits him with a Kinshasa which sends him out of the ring. After that the champion rocks Rusev with yet another Kinshasa after running down the ramp and walks away.

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