WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/27): Triple Threat TLC Match Set, Becky Lynch & AJ Styles Return, More!



Michael Cole welcomes Jeff Hardy to the ring to celebrate the fact he has reached 20 years with WWE (it is worth noting all the SmackDown roster is on the ramp), and he starts it off by showing a video package of highlights from his career.

Hardy says he doesn’t know what to say after watching that but thank you. He says he can’t believe he did half of that stuff and says this business has given him a creative outlet, which is so cool. Hardy says no matter what he has done over the years the fans have stood by his side and for that he is grateful.

Jeff then thanks his family for making this night possible and says this is far from a retirement speech but says they will find out together. As Jeff wraps things up, Samoa Joe makes his way out and says congratulations to Jeff and said he is sorry he’s late as he was popping bottles but then said that champagne around him isn’t the best idea.

Shane McMahon then tries to stop him but Jeff lets him through and Joe continues taking shots at Hardy’s drink and drug past. He says he doesn’t celebrate weakness or second chances, especially when there are men like him who are yet to get their first.

Joe says for as many times as he made the fans get up from their seats, there are just as many where he let them down. He adds that the demons never go away and the next time he feels powerless he will offer Jeff a one-step program.

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Hardy says he can’t rain on his parade tonight and calls Joe out for a fight, but Joe walks back through the crowd of superstars and wants nothing to do with the situation.


The Miz starts out in control and immediately puts Kofi Kingston down on the mat but the New Day member quickly turns things around and sends Miz outside of the ring and then teases diving out, but bumps back from the ropes. Woods and Big E then distract Miz and as he turns around Kingston is there in mid-air hitting a suicide dive.

Back from commercial and Kingston once again catches Miz out who was trying to jump from the top rope and only ended up eating a dropkick. Kingston follows that up with a Boom Drop but Miz is smart enough to reverse the attempted Trouble In Paradise.

Kofi then gets his reversal in though shoving Miz into the ropes to hit the SOS, but Miz is able to kick out just in time. Miz then akes off the top turnbuckle pad but Big E is smart enough and gets a stack of pancakces to stop him from making the most of it.

Woods then begins playing the trumpet but Miz hits him with a big boot to the face which almost causes E to get involved, though he thinks better of it. With the officials back turned Miz grabs a chair but Woods pulls it away and as he enters the ring again Kingston hits Trouble In Paradiase and it’s all over.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

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