WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/27): Triple Threat TLC Match Set, Becky Lynch & AJ Styles Return, More!



Randy Orton lists some words that fans have chosen to describe his actions last week, but if he had to choose a word he would pick euphoric. He said he never understood what the big deal was or what was so special about the trash he ripped off Mysterio’s face.

He said he didn’t bother to learn the history because he didn’t care. He said it wasn’t meant to disrespect his culture, but it was to humiliate him and take him down off the pedestal that the fans have put him up on. He said he proved that at this stage in his career, all Rey is another of his victims. A victim of the three most destructive letters; R …

Here comes Rey Mysterio! Mysterio, in a neck brace, heads down and takes the fight to Orton but the Viper quickly gains control and bounces him off the barricades as he tries to rip at the mask once again. With Orton trying to get back into the ring Mysterio takes advantage and sets him up for the 619!

Rey then goes to get a chair and gets caught in the ropes when he returns and is planed with the classic middle rope DDT. Orton then smashes Mysterio down into the steel stairs with a chair locked under his throat, bouncing his neck and head from the weapon and he is quickly sent to the back.


It’s now battle royal time and the winner of this match will join Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in a triple threat TLC match for the Women’s Championship.

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AEW Dynamite Results (12/11)

The first elimination takes place as Zelina Vega is eliminated. Lana is pushed out of the ring (but not over the top rope) and with Vega standing on the apron Lana takes advantage and removes her from the match. Back from commercial and The IIconics get revenge for Vega and remove Lana.

They turn around to fave Asuka who has no issues in dealing with them and she hits a running Hip Attack that removes both of them however she gets caught by a huge superkick from Carmella. Asuka then eliminates the former champion and we are down to Deville, Rose, Asuka, and Naomi.

Naomi comes to the aid of her tag team partner and hits Rose with a Rear View before a huge springboard kick to Deville. Rose flips Naomi on the ring apron but she hits the splits and then sends Rose packing but she doesn’t get a minutes breath as Deville runs from behind to eliminate her.

Asuka and Deville then both attempt to hit a flurry of kicks but it’s a Spear by Deville that works and then Rose tries to grab Asuka’s foot to help her friend but that doesn’t work as Asuka hits a running kick. Asuka then pulls Deville onto the apron with her and the two women trade blows, but in the end it’s Asuka who gets the win.

Winner: Asuka

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