January 10th, 2020


We kick things off tonight in a major way, with an episode of Miz TV. The Miz says that people have been saying he changed, but he was just having a bad day. He notes that sometimes, you just don’t want to smile, and when someone tells you to do that, you just want to punch them in the face.

Miz says he let his temper come through, and he apologises to Kofi Kingston for his actions last week. Miz says he has been going through a lot this month due to The Fiend going after his daughter, and then he failed to take away the thing that The Fiend loves the most.

However, Miz says there has been one good thing about this month and that is John Morrison returning to WWE, who then makes his official return to the company. Miz says that they are the greatest tag team of the 21st century, and Miz then shows a sizzle reel that he has put together about Morrison’s WWE career.

Morrison says it feels so good to be back, but he doesn’t know what to say. Morisson says WWE was filming a WWE Chronicle for his Royal Rumble return, and it was going to be epic, but after he saw what Miz was going through he changed his mind.

He said he came last week and he’s glad that he did. Morrison says that he realised he’s disappointed…in the fans. He points out that Miz has worked harder than anyone else on the roster, but because Miz has a bad day, the fans ignored everything and they don’t appreciate him.

Morisson then unloads on various different fans, calling them out about the fact they’ve never been in the ring until New Day makes their way out. Kofi Kingston asks Miz who he is trying to fool, with Big E saying that they don’t buy his apology.

Kingston said he would’ve respected him if he had stopped at saying he had a bad day. Miz says he respects the fact that Kofi Kingston was WWE Champion for six months, but he also respects the six seconds it took him to lose it.

Miz says he respects Kofi for smiling, but he also respects the fact Kingston never even went to get the title back. Kofi responds by saying what’s clear is that Miz is changing from cool Miz to annoying Miz. He says that the people were correct in what they said, that he sucks.


Kofi Kingston starts out on top, planting Miz to the floor while Morrison and Big E argue on commentary over which tag team is better. Miz manages to turn things around with a big boot to the face, but Kingston ends up sending Miz to the outside.

The Tag Team Champion follows it up with a suicide dive, knocking Miz down further, but Kofi then gets sent crashing into Big E which leads to John Morrison having to stop E from getting physically involved. After the commercial break, Kofi regains control with a big dropkick as he then explodes from the ropes to take Miz down once again.

Kingston then hits the Boom Drop and tries to hit his finisher, but Miz catches his leg and rags him down to the mat. However, as Miz then sidesteps Kofi, he smartly reverses by hopping to the top rope and hitting a big crossbody.

The two men then have several reversals of finishers and Kofi nearly gets a roll-up victory. Miz is smart enough to kick out but he then gets dropped by the SOS, which also gets a near fall. Kofi then reverses several running knees with a kick, but as he comes off the top rope, Miz smartly attacks the injured knee once again.

The Miz then locks in the Figure Four Leglock, but Kingston manages to roll to the outside. As Miz looks to continue the match, he kicks Big E on the outside which leads to Big E getting in his face. However, Morrison then flys off the stairs to take Big E down.

The distraction outside the ring works well though. With Kofi leaning out of the ropes, The Miz is able to grab him and hit Skull Crushing Finale for the victory.

Winner: The Miz

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