Bray Wyatt tells us that love is so special, and that not everyone is worth, stating he is looking at Daniel Bryan. Wyatt says the opposite of love is what “he” feels about Bryan, but he doesn’t blame him because Bryan has been naughty lately.

Wyatt says Bryan is in a heap of trouble at the Royal Rumble. He says he just wanted him to remember (shows clips from Wyatt Family), then he wanted to change him (shows the hair pulling under the ring). However, because Bryan wants the Universal Championship, Wyatt claims that “he” now just wants to hurt him.


Backstage, Sonya Deville says they are going to be focusing on their tag team, which starts tonight as she will be in her corner. Mandy then says she’s just got to do one thing, and then she will be there.


Back in the ring, Elias is here for his latest concert. This one focuses on the Royal Rumble as he goes through the confirmed participants from Roman Reigns to Erick Rowan, and then Brock Lesnar himself.

We are then shown backstage as Heavy Machinery are there, but Mandy Rose appears with a box and she says she knows that she upset Otis and his mom, so she wants to apologise. Mandy then says she has made him a cake, which she gives him.

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Mandy Rose starts off powering Alexa Bliss into the corner, but there’s not a clean break as she slaps Bliss. Rose then shoves Alexa around the ring, trash-talking her until she snaps, with Bliss slapping Mandy and then taking her out in the corner.

Mandy gets sent over the rope and then to the floor with a slap as Bliss flies through the ropes with a dropkick. Sonya Deville then gets onto the ring apron which leads to Nikki Cross pulling her off. However, the distraction works as Rose catches Alexa with a sharp knee to the head, gaining a near fall.

Both women then go for exactly the same thing and knock each other down, but as they get back up, Bliss hits several clotheslines and then two slaps to the face as she takes control. However, as Bliss begins to dominate, Heavy Machinery makes their way out and that distraction allows Mandy to get a roll-up victory.

Winner: Mandy Rose

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