Sasha Banks doesn’t appear when her music comes up, which leads to Bayley appearing on the titantron. The champion says that Banks has gone awol and booked a last-minute slot in a studio in L.A. to finish her rap album. She claims the only reason she’s here is that she’s contractually obligated.

Lacey Evans then says she’s not surprised by that, but she’s out here ready to fight, anytime, anywhere. Evans then challenges Bayley to a title match tonight, but the champion says she’s not her snot-nosed kid, and she doesn’t have to listen to her, which leads to Evans going backstage to find her.

Despite Evans’ best intentions, Bayley is hiding when she arrives, and the champion attacks her from behind, getting the advantage. However, Evans continues to fight and looks to hit the Woman’s Right, but Bayley manages to avoid it and getaway.


Daniel Bryan is asked about Bray Wyatt’s comments earlier tonight. Bryan says he wants a lot of things, and he points out that he remembers what happened with the Wyatt Family, and he remembers outsmarting him. He also says that The Fiend did change hi, but he doesn’t like the fact that he changed him for the better.

Bryan says he knows The Fiend will hurt him. However, what The Fiend doesn’t like is the fact that he can’t break him and the fact that The Fiend can be beaten. This leads to the Rambling Rabbit appearing on the screen as he tells Bryan he knows the secret to defeat The Fiend. But before he can tell him the secret, Wyatt appears and silences him.


Right from the bell, Braun Strowman attacks Shinsuke Nakamura, launching him across the ring. However, as Strowman tries to squash him in the corner, Shinsuke smartly avoids it and begins unloading on his kicks. Nakamura then tries to pick up the pace, hitting the ropes back and forth, but he simply runs into a big boot from Strowman.

Braun once again sends Shinsuke across the ring, and this time his running clothesline works effectively. Strowman then looks to do it again, but Sami Zayn pulls Shinsuke out of the ring. On the outside, the numbers advantage catches up on Braun.

Sami distracts the official, allowing Cesaro to send him crashing into the ring post as Nakamura follows it up with a knee strike, sending Braun into the timekeeper’s area.


As we return from commercial, the Intercontinental Champion remains in control, catching Strowman with another knee off the second rope. Strowman turns things around with a massive clothesline though, and he follows that up with several shoulder tackles as he then drives his arm into the chest of Shinsuke, sending him to the mat.

Nakamura continues to show why he is the champion though with yet more knee strikes that connect. But as he goes for another, Braun lifts him into the air and drives him back down with a spinebuster.

Again though, Sami Zayn gets on the ring apron to distract the official, as Cesaro tries to sneak in with a chair. The official catches him though, and as he turns around, Braun avoids being hit with the title by Nakamura. Strowman then grabs Shinsuke and drops him with the running powerslam to get the victory.

Winner: Braun Strowman

After the match, Braun Strowman grabs the title and lifts it up above his head, but Sami Zayn runs in and yanks it away from him.

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