Sheamus is shown backstage discussing his actions last week. He claims that being proud of being small shouldn’t happen, instead it should be exterminated. Sheamus says that last week he proved that size does matter.


Daniel Bryan goes backstage and finds a box, when he opens it he finds Rambling Rabbit, who has had his head caved in.


Before the match gets underway, Roman Reigns says 2019 was a blessed year that ended a bit rough. He says he has been outnumbered and jumped and has been embarrassed by Corbin and his crew. Reigns says he has always had back up throughout his career.

However, this time he didn’t need the help of his friends (alluding to The Shield), but this time he needed the help of his family. Roman then says that 2020 is his year, and he is going to win the Royal Rumble, and then headline WrestleMania for the fifth time, and he will do it with The Usos, who have been there since day one.

The Usos then make their way out as Jey Usos says it feels good to be back on the blue brand and they’re going to turn it from Friday night SmackDown to Friday night lockdown. Jimmy says it has been rough sitting on the sidelines, but that has been made worse by watching Queen Corbin.

Jimmy says when you disrespect one of them, you disrespect the whole family. But before they can continue, Corbin makes his way out. He says that Roman is pawning the beating he deserves onto his family, claiming that he is throwing them under the bus because he is scared.

Corbin says that Reigns is hiding in the Rumble match, but there’s a problem with that. Corbin notes that if anyone is winning the Royal Rumble match, it is the King. Roman says he would love to beat him twice in one night, so he suggests fighting at the Rumble, before the match, and then he will throw him out of the Rumble.

Corbin accepts the challenge but says first he is going to deal with Roman’s two little bitches. The Usos quickly react though, diving over the top ropes to take out all of Corbin’s security.

(Before the match happens, it is announced that next week Big E will go one on one with John Morrison)

Dolph Ziggler kicks things off with Jimmy Uso who takes down Dolph and brings in his brother as they hit a smart double team to stay in control. Ziggler does manage to wriggle away though and tags in King Corbin. He is sent towards the turnbuckles but nips out of the ring and gets back to clothesline Jey.

Ziggler then returns to action with a great dropkick, and he isolates Jimmy, bringing Corbin back into the match. The King is caught with an enziguri, but then The Revival’s music hits which distract Jimmy, allowing Corbin to dump him out of the ring. In the other corner, Ziggler makes the most of the opportunity and does the same to Jimmy, sending him over the barricade.

However, as The Revival head to the back, Roman Reigns makes his way back down, taking out the Top Guys with a Superman Punch.

After a commercial break, it is Jey Uso hitting the homage to their father in the corner. Jimmy then flies over the top rope but is caught by Corbin and sent flying into Roman Reigns. However, back in the ring, Jey remains in control, hitting a Frog Splash, but Corbin gets involved to break it up.

He then sends Jey crashing into the ring post and Corbin goes on the attack of Roman. However, the match then ends in DQ as Roman hits a huge Spear to the King. The Big Dog then sets up for a powerbomb through the announce table, but Robert Roode makes his return to stop it.


He hits the Glorious DDT on the outside to Reigns, while Corbin and Ziggler deal with The Usos, leaving all of them laying. Roode then hits a spinebuster to Roman on the table, and Ziggler then jumps up, hitting an elbow drop to send him crashing through.

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