WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/13): New WWE Champion Crowned, Major Heel Turn, New Opponent For Rousey, More



Shinsuke Nakamura is now interviewed and he claims that Seth broke his heart yesterday when he said he isn’t thinking about him last night on WWE Raw. Because of that, he will break his face.


Miz immediately starts out in control, grounding Rey Mysterio down and despite Mysterio attempting to take things to the outside, the crafty heel was able to get his knees up to avoid the baseball slide, leaving Rey in plenty of pain heading into the commercial.

Back from the break and Mysterio is able to fight Miz from the top rope and then hit a seated senton before following it up with a sharp kick to the head but Miz is able to kick out just in time. Miz then smartly avoided a springboard cross body, quickly following it up with a DDT which Rey kicks out of.

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Miz then bounces Rey off the top rope, turning and hitting a powerbomb with the momentum but yet again Rey kicks out, keeping himself in the Survivor Series team, for now. Miz then looked for the Skull Crushing Finale but Mysterio reverses and hits the 619 but his Frog Splash is caught as Miz puts up his knees and tries to get a cheap win but Rey kicks out and steals a quick roll-up victory.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Following the match, Randy Orton tries to sneak attack Mysterio again but Rey manages to avoid it, bumping him into The Miz, so Orton RKO’s him instead.

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