WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/13): New WWE Champion Crowned, Major Heel Turn, New Opponent For Rousey, More



WWE SmackDown GM, Paige brings out all the women of the SmackDown Live roster and says that Becky Lynch is going to handpick her replacement to face Ronda Rousey at Survivor Series. Lynch then appears, with a huge bruise and plenty of swelling on her face.

Becky gets a huge ovation from the fans and she says that she is angry as hell right now, and adds that even though she took a good beating, that has never stopped her before but the medical team will not clear her to fight on Sunday.

Lynch says last night was just a taste of what she was going to do on Sunday and even with a concussion and a broken face, she claims she could still kick Ronda’s ass. She says she is sorry that she can’t finish what she started, adding that Ronda isn’t the baddest bitch on the planet, she is the luckiest.

Becky picks Charlotte Flair and tells her to go and make her tap the way she was going to and the two women hug in the middle of the ring and Lynch then leaves, holding the Women’s Title high.

Backstage Charlotte Flair says she spent half of her career fighting against Becky, last night she fought with Becky and this Sunday she will fight with Becky and it will be her honor when she beats Ronda Rousey and proves that SmackDown is the superior brand.


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Kofi Kingston and Sheamus kick things off as we get to see The Bar battle The New Day (again) this week with the match being a six-man tag and Kingston and his New Day brothers kick things off with some incredible triple tag team work, but Sheamus kicks out.

The Celtic Warrior eventually manages to get a break and tags in Cesaro who watches Woods and allows Big Show to enter who immediately hits several huge chops to the chest of Xavier Woods. Back from commercial and Big Show tosses Big E around outside whilst The Bar dominate in the ring.

Cesaro attempts to launch Woods into his corner but he instead punches Sheamus and then manages to make the tag and Kingston immediately flies from the top rope taking out Cesaro, but he then catches an uppercut only to respond with a big kick and a crossbody.

Xavier Woods then tried to come to his friend’s aid but Big Show pulls him out and launches him into the announcer’s table whilst Kingston almost steals the win in the ring with an SOS. Cesaro then tags in Big Show who catches Kingston with a KO punch out of mid-air to get his team the victory.

Winners: The Bar & Big Show


The Usos are then shown backstage, picking their Survivor Series team with The Colons (yes, really), The Club and SAnitY joining them and The New Day.

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