WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/13): New WWE Champion Crowned, Major Heel Turn, New Opponent For Rousey, More



AJ Styles wastes no time in taking the fight to Daniel Bryan but the challenger quickly reverses and starts unloading several kicks only for the champion to retaliate by launching Bryan over the top rope before diving towards him with AJ smashing Bryan in the face.

Back from commercial and Bryan is unloading his Yes Kicks until AJ catches the leg and begins attacking it to set up a weakness on Bryan’s knee for a possible Calf Crusher finisher. Styles then looked for the Phenomenal Forearm but Bryan manages to push AJ sending him crashing to the outside and Bryan follows it up by isolating the left arm and sending him into the ring post.

Daniel continues the attack of the left arm, isolating it once again with a big boot to the exposed arm before continuing to stomp on it to increase the damage. The champion finally managed some offense of his own though with a quick flurry of strikes and both men then pick up the speed and crash and burn in the middle of the ring.

As we return from a second commercial Daniel Bryan goes flying in with a huge dropkick into the AJ in the corner and follows it up with a hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle. Bryan then moves up to the opposite turnbuckle but AJ stops him from his plans with a Pele Kick which rocks Bryan on the top turnbuckle.

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Bryan manages to get AJ in the tree of woe and Bryan unloads more kicks before a low dropkick to the champion as he then hits a massive belly to back superplex from the top turnbuckle but the champion kicks out at the last moment!

AJ then attempted to hit the Styles Clash but Bryan fought out of it and followed up with a big uppercut but AJ looked to retain with a victory roll only for Bryan to kick out and be hit with a massive Pele Kick. AJ then goes for a springboard 450 but Bryan catches him and locks in the Yes Lock but AJ manages to grab the ropes.

AJ then managed to attack the knee again and lock in the Calf Crusher but Bryan reversed out into an arm bar and then the Yes Lock in an incredible transition but this time it was AJ who fought out, slingshotting Bryan into the corner.

AJ then looked for the PhenomoneL Forearm but he hit the referee and Bryan hits a low blow and follows it up with his running Knee finish… NEW WWE CHAMPION

Winner AND NEW WWE CHAMPION: Daniel Bryan!!!

Following the match Daniel Bryan loses it and attacks AJ Styles, stomping away on the head of AJ whilst he smiles and poses with the WWE Championship to end the show.

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