WWE Smackdown Results (11/15): Undisputed Invasion, Tag Team Titles on the Line, Road to Survivor Series Continues


NOVEMBER 15th, 2019 


King Corbin kicks off SmackDown with Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode as he takes to the microphone and tells the fans he should pay respect to the king. Corbin says that he told the world that Roman Reigns is a shell of a man he once was, and Roman doesn’t believe that, just like the fans.

Corbin goes on to state that he is the team captain for Team Survivor Series. Corbin says he doesn’t like his teammates, but claims there is weak links and tonight they right wrong. Dolph Ziggler agrees that and says that Mustafa Ali and Shorty G don’t deserve it.

Roode then chimes in claiming their opponents were given shortcuts and handouts, and Ziggler agrees, stating tonight they not only beat them, but they take their rightful, spots. Corbin then invites Corbin to the ring and his music plays but the dog is a puppy. A dog in an outfit then makes his way to the ring and gets in, while wearing the outfit.


Shorty G gets sent to the mat straight away by Robert Roode, but he quickly gets hip tossed by Shorty G, although Roode quickly regains control as he brings in Dolph Ziggler, who gets arm-dragged by G, who brings in Mustafa Ali who works on the arm.

Although Ziggler quickly turns it around with a huricanrana and he follows that up with a boot the face as he rolls into the ring and plants Ziggler, face -first. However, Dolph is able to regain control as he and Roode take advantage as Ziggler gets a cheap shot while the official isn’t watching.

Ali manages to fight against Roode until Corbin provides a distraction, which allows Roode to send Ali into the announce table. However, Roman Reigns then makes his way to the ring to nullify that distraction.

As we return from commercial, Ali smartly sends Zigler to the outside, while, sending Roode into the ring post, but as he tries to make the tag he gets nailed with the Famouser by Ziggler, but Ali kicks out. Ziggler goes for the superkick, but Ali responds with one of his own. Shorty G hen tags in and he attacks Roode straight away, flying into the corner.

Gable follows that up with a spinning neck breaker, as he then hits a moonsault from the top rope, but Roode kicks out. Roode then tags in Ziggler as they hit their double finisher of a spinebuster and a Zigzag, but Gable kicks out and he ends up locking in the ankle lock to Ziggler until Roode saves the match up.

Corbin then offers his stick to Roode but Roman hits a Drive-By, which leads to Ali flying over the table to take out Roode and as Corbin takes tries to attack Ali, he avoids it while Roman hits the Spear.

Back in the ring Gable hits a German suplex as Ali hits the 450, leading to their victory, meaning they keep their Survivor Series spot.

Winner: Mustafa Ali & Shorty G


Bray Wyatt welcomes us to the funhouse and says something isn’t quite right here, and he turns into a magician. He does a trick and turns the Universal Title blue! Wyatt says the fun is getting started and tonight we have Miz TV with Daniel Bryan.

Wyatt claims he will be watching, but “he” will be watching as well.

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