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Welcome to our live coverage of the go-home edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown heading into Survivor Series weekend. Feel free to discuss the show in the comments section below, and remember to refresh this page throughout the night for updated results, kicking off at 8PM ET.

NOVEMBER 29th, 2019


We kickstart the show with Roman Reigns wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving, which means three things to him.


2-Good Health


Roman says last year he only had the family part, but this year he has them all. Reigns says he has a lot to be thankful for, as at Survivor Series Team Survivor Series whooped some ass. Roman thanks his Survivor Series team, apart from King Corbin.

Roman says they had one dummy on the team, and he’s not going to thank a dummy if anything they should thank him. King Corbin appears and says it was his leadership that won it, as he eliminated two people before Roman betrayed his team and got him eliminated.

Corbin says he knows Roman’s ego couldn’t stand the fact that he was going to get the job done. Roman points out that he didn’t do that, but he has the chance to try to get the job done tonight. Corbin then trashes Roman, claiming he would’ve eaten burnt food yesterday, but he is used to eating dog food.

Corbin says that Roman can fight someone else instead, and he brings out Robert Roode. Corbin says he has a good feeling Roman will be wheeled out of the arena on a stretcher tonight, and that will be…glorious.


The two men lock up to start things out with Dolph Ziggler and Corbin being at ringside as Roode gets in control early on. Stomping down Roman in the corner after a distraction from Roode’s tag team partner, Reigns eventually manages to battle back with some big right hands.

The Big Dog winds up sending Robert to the outside with his next big strike and he follows it up with a Drive By on the outside of the ring. As Roode returns to the ring, Ziggler once again gets involved which allows Robert to send Roman flying into the announce desk.

Roode then continues his attack on the outside, smartly sending Roman crashing into the announce table once again, and then into the barricade for good measure. Back in the ring and the former NXT Champion stays in control, but as he is bounced off the ropes, Roman responds with a big clothesline of his own.

Roman then hits his classic clotheslines in the corner and follows it up with a big boot, but as he tries to set up the Superman Punch, Ziggler hops up onto the apron. The distraction works and Roode almost catches Roman out with a blockbuster from the second rope, which gains a near fall for him.

Roode aims for the Glorious DDT but Reigns reverses it and plants Roode with a sit-out powerbomb which leads to an amazing near fall. Roode smartly heads to the outside and as Roman follows him, Ziggler gets in the way and eats a Superman Punch to save his partner.

Roode then pounces on the opportunity and sends Reigns flying into the ring post and the steel stairs. But as they get back into the ring, Roode’s aerial move from the top turnbuckle fails as Reigns reverses with a Superman Punch which leads to yet another near fall.

However, as Reigns goes for the Spear, this time it was Roode’s time to reverse and he does so with a spinebuster, almost getting him the win. With Roman down, King Corbin offers his septor into the ring and as he gets on the apron to distract the official, Roode attempts to use it.

However, Roman sees it coming and avoids the attack, Superman Punching Corbin off the apron and returning to the ring with a huge Spear to get the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

There is no time to celebrate though, as Dolph Ziggler hits the ring and attacks Roman from behind, but as he goes for a Superkick he is hit with a Samoan Drop. Corbin then tries his luck, but Reigns sees that coming and launches him into the ring post.

However, it is Roode with Corbin’s weapon that finally lays down Roman as he attacks him with it from behind. Roode continues to try an attack, but Reigns avoids it and hits a Superman Punch once again. Roman then heads to the outside and Spears Roode through the barricade, ending him once and for all.

Reigns then picks up the stairs and absolutely destroys Dolph Ziggler with them, smashing him over the barricade and into the audience. Back to Roode and Roman decides to dump the announce desk on top of Roode for good measure.

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