WWE SmackDown Live Results (11/6): WWE NXT Superstar Debuts, Survivor Series Teams Confirmed, Mysterio vs Almas, More!


WWE Smackdown Results
November 6th, 2018
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick things off with the WWE SmackDown Live GM, Paige who gains a fantastic response from the UK crowd. Paige welcomes everyone and says it’s good to be home, but she only wants to introduce the Best In The World… Shane McMahon, who is booed heavily. *This did possibly sound edited as WWE keeps showing clips of fans jumping and cheering.*

Paige says before he starts talking, we need a picture with the trophy and Shane rags the trophy away from Paige and takes a picture on his own whilst some CM Punk chants breakout. Shane wants to set the record straight, he doesn’t think he is the best in the world, but it does belong to everyone on SmackDown Live.

He said he acted on instinct as he didn’t want SmackDown to not be the top brand, which leads him to Survivor Series. He introduces us to the captain of the SmackDown male team…Daniel Bryan! Bryan thanks the fans for the response and he also thanks Shane for humbly acknowledging that he doesn’t consider himself to be the best in the world.

He also says it is an honor to be the team captain but he is quickly interrupted by… The Miz. He says he isn’t disappointed, he is just angry as two-thirds of the trophy is his. He added that they are co-besties but Shane stops him saying if it hadn’t have worked out that way, he would have been fired.

Miz says he has never been so injured that he couldn’t compete, unlike Daniel Bryan, which is why he deserves to be the team captain. Shane agrees and decides to make Miz the captain… but Bryan is still captain, making them co-captains.


Backstage Miz and Bryan are bickering and Shane breaks it up saying he needs them because they bring out the best in each other and Shane says the other three picks need to be done by tonight. Miz picks Shane McMahon, and Bryan agrees with him as Shane showed how much he loves SmackDown at Crown Jewel. Miz then said that to show he is nice, Bryan can have the next pick.

NEW DAY vs THE USOS (Winner captain’s Team SmackDown)

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Kofi Kingston shows off his athleticism straight away, landing on his feet after being thrown around the ring, with Kingston then sending Jimmy Uso to the outside, teasing him with a move whilst Big E blindsides him from the side with a clothesline.

Back from commercial and it’s The Usos who are in control but Jey Uso, attempting to hit his father’s classic move is caught by Kofi who hits a double stomp and gets a hot tag as Big E starts launching Jimmy Uso around the ring as he also tags in.

E looks for a running splash but is rocked by an uppercut by Jimmy, although as he looks to continue the attack Big E plants him to the mat and then looks for the Big Ending but a blind tag takes place. Both Usos then catch E with a boot to the face and Jey looks to finish it with a Frog Splash but Big E gets his knees up and hits his finisher, only for Jimmy to break up the pinfall attempt just in time.

Big E then looks for his crazy spear through the ropes but The move, but the New Day member is back up to plant Jey Uso into the barricade. He then looks to do the same again to Jimmy but he reverses and throws him into the timekeeper’s area and The Usos then turn around to see Kingston flying from the top turnbuckle to the outside, flattening his opponents.

Back in the ring and Kofi rocks Jey Uso with an SOS but once again he manages to kick out so Kofi rocks him with a massive crossbody from the top turnbuckle, only for Jey to kick out yet again. Back from another commercial and Kingston continues to fight but a blind tag catches him out and The Usos look to superplex him over the ropes and out of the ring, yet Big E makes the save, hitting a huge running spear to Jey Uso.

Despite Kingston’s best attempts to land some offense, Jimmy Usos hits a big powerbomb from the second rope and follows it up with a Splash from the top corner and secures the captaincy for his team.

Winners: The Usos

Following the match, The Usos say they’ve been to war plenty of times and that there isn’t a tag team division without them both and they want New Day to be the first pick to represent SmackDown and the trio agreed.

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