WWE SmackDown Results (11/8): New Tag Team Champions Crowned, The NXT Invasion Continues, More


NOVEMBER 8th, 2019


King Corbin kicks off the show and brings up Survivor Series, and how all people can talk about is NXT invading SmackDown last week. He claims the blame lands on Roman Reigns’ shoulders, as he claims he is a locker room leader.

Corbin puts over Roman as a role model, but claims that the crowd only cares about one thing, which is ‘what have you done for me lately?’ Corbin claims Roman has done nothing, and he now spends days at home with his family, when WWE used to be his family.

Corbin doesn’t think that Roman wants the responsibility of being the locker room leader anymore, and he believes that the Big Dog’s testicles have shrivelled up into little marbles. Corbin then shows a clip of Roman’s Big Dog graphic, which now has a small dogs bark instead, as he continues to mock him.

King Corbin continues to state that fans will get out their doggy poop bags (yes, really), adding that they will be able to use them to scrape up Roman’s excrements after he is finished with him in the main event tonight.


Backstage New Day has a message for Xavier Woods, with Big E telling him not to drop the soap, while Kofi Kingston reminds him that he isn’t in prison, he is recovering. The former WWE Champions then puts over The Revival but says they need that seven, with Big E stating that if they don’t win, how will they ever catch up to Charlotte Flair.


This one kicks off with Kofi Kingston going for several early pinfall attempts on Scott Dawson, but the current tag team champion is smart enough to get out of each one, eventually catching the former WWE Champion with a nasty forearm.

Dawson brings in Dash Wilder and the two try to isolate Kofi but he manages to get out of the corner with several chops, tagging in Big E who launches Fash Wilder into the air as he lands on the mat and tweaks his knee. Wilder quickly hits the ground and crawls to his corner as the official heads over to check on his status.

As we return from commercial it turns out Wilder was only using the injury to catch Big E out, but it clearly didn’t work as Kingston is in firm control, catching Dawson, and then Wilder with a dropkick each. After sending them to the outside, Kofi flies over the top ropes, spinning around and dropping backwards to take The Revival out on the outside.

Kofi attempts to hit Trouble in Paradise but Wilder saves his partner and Dawson hits a huge superplex to Kofi as Dash hits a big splash as soon as he lands, but Big E smartly makes the save as he then dispatches of Dawson.

However, Wilder smartly runs off the ropes and plants Big E to the mat, getting rid of him from the situation for now as Kingston manages to hit SOS. But with New Day aiming for Midnight Hour, Dawson rags Kofi down from the top rope as the two men hit a double DDT from the middle rope in a nod to the Viper.

The Revival then try to hit the Shatter Machine but New Day makes a blind tag as E traps Wilder’s knees down as he tries to connect, with Kingston getting rid of Dawson straight away.

Big E then smartly held up Dash Wilder as Kofi Kingston hits Trouble In Paradise to a helpless Wilder, and we have NEW Tag Team Champions!

Winners (and NEW SmackDown Tag Team Champions: New Day

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