Shinsuke Nakamura immediately goes to the other corner and knocks Big E off the apron, but after a few strikes, Kofi Kingston turns things around with a dropkick. However, a blind tag from Cesaro sees them regain control with a huge uppercut that pushes Kofi into Shinsuke who drops his back to his knee.

After taking a beatdown from the heels, Kofi finally makes the hot tag as Big E dominates Nakamura with a trio of belly to belly suplexes which he follows with a big splash. Big E then plants Nakamura down in the corner of the ring, but Cesaro hits the ring to break it up.

Kofi then returns to action and he sends Cesaro to the outside, following it up with a dive to the outside. Sami Zayn then distracts Big E which allows Nakamura to catch him with several kicks as he gets sent to the outside where Cesaro nails him with a huge clothesline.

As the match returns from commercial, Big E dumps Cesaro to the outside, but Nakamura returns and knocks Kofi off the apron to stop the tag. He then follows it with a sharp knee to the face from the second rope, but as he looks for Kinshasa, Big E reverses with a clothesline and both teams make a tag.

Kofi hits the ring hot, flying from the top rope as he then catches Cesaro with a dropkick and then a huge hurricanrana reversal as he leaps from the top rope after an Irish whip. Kingston then hits the Boom Drop, but his Trouble In Paradise attempts end up being reversed with a massive uppercut.

Big E hits the ring to break things up and sends both of his opponents to the outside as he then launches Kingston to the outside to take down both men. Kofi then looks for a tag, but Nakamura once again pulls his opponent from the ropes and this allows Cesaro to take the former WWE Champion for a swing and then a stomp to the chest.


Cesaro continues to dominate, but Kofi shows his intelligence and reverses a clothesline attempt with a roll-up, stealing a victory.

Winners: New Day

The celebrations don’t last long though as the trio start attacking the Tag Team Champions until the Monster Among Men hits the ring to make the save. Strowman tries to hit his finisher to Nakamura, but Sami Zayn is able to make the save just in time as they run away.


The Miz thanks Daniel Bryan for what he did at TLC, but Bryan says he did it for himself. Bryan then says as a fellow father, he is sorry for what Wyatt did to him, however, the two men then get back to arguing about how much they don’t like each other.


Bayley immediately takes control of the match with a cheap shot in the corner and she follows it up with a sliding clothesline as the champion dominates the early moments. However, Dana Brooke shows plenty of spirit, fighting back as she then catches Bayley with a kick to the face.

The champion gets back into the match with a nice suplex, but that only gets her a two count. Bayley then takes Brooke to hang her up on the second rope as Sasha shoves the Women’s Title in Brooke’s face. A step up enzirguri turns the tide of the match though as Brooke hits a huge senton from the top rope, but Bayley grabs the rope to stay in the match.

Dana then hits the handspring elbow into the corner as she continues to dominate until Bayley reverses and drops Brooke headfirst into the top turnbuckle. Bayley then plants Dana face-first into the mat to get the win.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Banks and Bayley trash talk Dana Brooke until Lacey Evans hits the ring to clear them off. She then gets on the microphone and challenges Banks to a match, right now.


Lacey Evans goads Sasha Banks into a fight early on as she then charges Banks into the corner, but Sasha then smartly reverses, tripping her into the turnbuckles. Banks follows it up with a running knee attack, putting Evan’s headfirst into the turnbuckle.

After some trash talking from Banks, she ends up eating a big boot as she then plants Sasha face-first onto the ring apron, following it up by driving her out of the ring. However, outside of the ring, Bayley’s distraction is vital as Sasha Banks then starts beating down Evans in front of her daughter, winding her up to the point where Lacey’s daughter tries to slap her.


The match ends in a count-out as Evans then snaps and beats down on Banks as Bayley evens the odds with Dana Brooke playing her part until they’re all pulled apart.

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