The Miz and Daniel Bryan start the match arguing about who should start the match, but they are quick enough to respond to the heels’ cheap attack as they gain control. Daniel Bryan starts in the ring taking out Dolph Ziggler with his traditional Yes Kicks, but Miz tags himself in before the big kick.

King Corbin then hits the ring, but Bryan is able to put a stop to his attack as he and Miz hit the Yes/It Kicks at the same time.

However, as we return from commercial it is Ziggler in control as he blasts Miz on the apron while he and Corbin dominate Bryan in their own corner.

Bryan finally makes the tag off a missile dropkick and The Miz hits the ring and starts attacking Dolph with several big kicks and then a running dropkick in the corner. Miz then attacks Corbin on the apron and returns to the ring with a DDT to Ziggler.

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Corbin hits the ring to break up the pinfall, but Miz keeps his momentum rolling with a Skull Crushing Finale to him. Miz then locks in the Figure Four Leglock to Ziggler as Bryan nails Corbin with the Running Knee to stop Corbin intervening as Dolph taps.

Winners: The Miz & Daniel Bryan

It is then announced that next week it will be Miz vs Bryan vs Corbin, where the winner will face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Championship. The three men are all in the ring and the lights go out as Bray can be heard laughing to end the show.



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