December 27th, 2019


We kickstart tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown with Elias in the middle of the ring as he sings a song about 2019 and the regrets we have had from Bayley’s haircut to Shane McMahon. He then sings about what is to come tonight with this being used as a segment to hype the show and the crowd.


As King Corbin makes his entrance, he makes it clear that they do things his way on SmackDown. He points out that all the people like Daniel Bryan (who is already in the ring), and he says that Miz and Bryan are terrible fathers.

Corbin says that they’re both former World Champions who have main evented WrestleMania, but Corbin then tells Bryan that he should step aside. He claims he earned his opportunity by beating Roman Reigns, twice, which is something nobody else has done since he returned to WWE.

Corbin claims that Bryan is no longer championship material, like Miz who plays an action hero in the movies, but isn’t in reality. However, before he gets to the ring, Roman Reigns’ music hits and Corbin ends up falling off his throne entrance.

The Big Dog then appears and attacks Corbin, sending him crashing into the barricade as he follows it up with a Superman Punch off the stairs. Reigns then sets up and tries to hit a spear on the outside of the ring, but Corbin retreats throughout the audience.

Backstage King Corbin is seen screaming, demanding that the match should be postponed tonight and moved to a different day.


Big E starts out dominating, planting Cesaro to the mat immediately as Kofi Kingston tags in and flies off his back and into the Swiss Superman. However, he tags out and Shinsuke Nakamura joins in, but he is caught with an elbow by Kofi who then sends him to the outside.

However, as Kofi tries to fly over the top rope, Sami Zayn catches his foot to stop him, allowing himself to tag in as he takes advantage. Zayn dumps Kofi out of the ring and while he distracts the official, Cesaro hits a massive uppercut that sends Kingston flying over the announce desk.

Back in the ring and Kofi manages to reverse an Irish whip by leaping to the second rope and back for a dropkick. However, Nakamura is able to tag in and stop the former WWE Champion from making a tag as he isolates Kofi again as Cesaro returns to the ring.

He launches Kofi with a gut wrench and immediately gets back in control by keeping him in their corner. Nakamura then hits the ring and begins unloading with a series of knees to Kofi before locking in a chin lock. Nakamura then mocks Big E with his classic submission move.

That goads him in and allows Shinsuke to knock him off the ring apron. However, the break gives Kofi a moment and he hits the SOS, but Cesaro is able to stop him tagging once again. Cesaro tries to take out Braun on the outside but his forearm is caught.

Sami then grabs the foot of Braun and as he goes to chase Strowman, Cesaro hits a running kick through the ropes to send Braun to the barricade. Kofi finally breaks free, but has nobody to tag, allowing Nakamura to hit a huge running strike, but Big E breaks the pinfall attempt.

Nakamura catches him with a big spinning kick and as he tries to hit Kofi with the Kinshasa, Kingston reverses with a stomp. Kofi finally makes the tag and Braun immediately starts running through Nakamura, sending him out of the ring.

Of course, with all three of his opponents on the outside Strowman begins to take them all out running around the ring. However, Zayn smartly avoids it and Braun chases, eventually being caught with a knee off the stairs by Nakamura.

He once again looks for the Kinshasa but Strowman reveres with a clothesline, dominating until Cesaro hits a hue springboard uppercut. Sami then hands Shinsuke the pancake plate to use, distracting the official. However, Kofi grabs it off him on the apron and hits him with it, forcing Nakamura to stumble into the Running Powerslam.

Winners: Braun Strowman & The New Day

After the match, Kofi Kingston gets on the microphone and claims that the Monster Amongst Men has a great set of hips on him. Of course, this leads to Strowman busting a move.

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