WWE Smackdown Results (12/5): Randy Orton vs Sami Zayn, Ziggler Makes a Statement, Charlotte in Action


WWE Smackdown Results
December 5, 2017
Report by Mike Killam for ProWrestling.com

We see footage of last week’s main event street fight between Kevin Owens and Randy Orton, before heading live to the ring where KO and Sami Zayn have set up camp. They took turns putting each other over and talking about how great they each are, before claiming that the entire McMahon family has it out for them. Owens said that the McMahons screwed over Bret Hart, Steve Austin and Daniel Bryan, and last week Shane tried to use “The Viper” to end his career. He makes fun of Orton for being a puppet, since it wasn’t too long ago that he was on Raw doing Stephanie McMahon’s bidding.

Sami Zayn takes the mic and goes on a verbal tyrade against everyone, including the fans at ringside and some of the officials at ringside. He walks up the entrance ramp and points out where they finished off Orton last week with a steel chair. While Sami is laughing and pointing, right on cue “The Viper” came out of nowhere and dropped Kevin Owens with the RKO! As the two starred each other down, Shane McMahon made his way out and announced that it will be Zayn vs. Orton tonight, and his best friend Owens will be handcuffed to the ropes. And as for Clash of Champions, the two of them will team up to face Orton and the partner of his choosing!


English drew the short straw and had to start things off against Big E, who threw him around the ring with ease and shook of offense like he was a small child. Kingston tagged in and came off the top with a diving crossbody. Rusev pulled his partner to safety and the New Day taunted them from the ring as Xavier Woods played trombone.

During the commercial break the New Day fooled around a bit too much and got caught out by Rusev. They worked over Kofi for several minutes, keeping him isolated with quick tags and cheap offense any time the referee was distracted. Big E finally managed to get the hot tag and cleaned house, once again tossing around English to show off his power. Rusev made a blind tag that nobody saw and rushed the corner, only to run into a massive spinebuster! The heels escaped to the floor but Kingston had it scouted, diving over the ropes to take them both out. Big E rolled Rusev back into the ring but the “Bulgarian Brute” caught Kofi (the legal man) with a brutal superkick, picking up three.

Winners: Rusev & Aiden English

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  • Doug Enriquez

    Hopefully we see some Shinsuke Nakamura tonight!

    • Mike Killam

      Seriously. What the heck!

    • Robert Schutte

      I totally agree! He got only a shout out last week, right?

  • Justa Nother Guy

    I am the most mad that we didn’t get to hear the other 9 days of the “12 Days of Rusev.”

    • Mike Killam

      Super rude of the New Day.

  • Doug Enriquez

    In other news: Child suffocates on massive pancake on Smackdown Live. The New Day in the wind. Francesca 2 prime suspect.

    • Mike Killam

      Mojo did it.

    • Justa Nother Guy

      Rusev being the fine American he is decided to kill the child stranglers by kicking Kofi’s head straight off his shoulders. Between that and not letting Aiden English finish his song, Rusev was in some mood.

  • Mike Killam

    Blah. A lumberjack match doesn’t do it for me. After all the buzz I’d much rather see the Riott Squad doing something a bit more direct and impactful than hanging out around ringside and inevitably getting involved in a match they’re not in.

    • Justa Nother Guy

      Yeah it’s pretty awful to just have them chill outside of the ring as opposed to giving them an actual match. When the women all lined up I was hoping that maybe we were gonna get a six woman’s match but nope, more typical trot out all the ladies. I am just gonna go under the assumption that the woman’s revolution is over.

  • Chris Lemieux

    A lot of guys are unbeatable in NXT ( Nakamura, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode) and then they get on the main roster and nothing much happens with them. I am so hyped for Aleister Black…I hope he doesn’t get buried on the main roster.

    • Mike Killam

      Having one hour of TV makes you really focus on the stars you want to make. It also means the creative team is much smaller and more focussed on a handful of things. When these guys get to the main roster not only are they creatively handled by people who have never written for them before, but they’re thrown into a sea of like 70 other people. It’s frustrating.

      • Robert Schutte

        But shouldn’t your various writing staffs be interlinked in some way? Review film? Having introduction meetings BEFORE bringing a talent up? The inconsistency is aggravating for an increasingly large “smart” base.

  • Mike Killam

    That was 100% Eric Watts from season five of Tough Enough that handcuffed Kevin Owens to the ring.

    • firstname lastname

      Tough Enough and Championship Wrestling From Hollywood’s syndicated show.

  • Doug Enriquez

    The Ref will get knocked out and they’ll get the key.

  • David

    Soooo Owens and Zayn are basically guranteed too win?

  • Justa Nother Guy

    This storyline between KO/Sami and Shane/ DB seems like a huge waste. I get that it’s meant to seem bigger than the title cause a McMahon is involved but really it does nothing for me as a fan. KO and Sami are two of the best performers in the company and they seem relegated to a ridiculous McMahon storyline in order to showoff a rift between DB and Shane. Realistically they should be using any lower-mid card guy to give them the rub.

  • Lee Walker

    Well two things are going to happen.
    1. KO and Sami win because of the stipulation
    2. They lose and get picked up by Raw

    What do you guys think?