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Welcome to our live coverage of the go-home edition of WWE Friday Night SmackDown heading into Survivor Series weekend. Feel free to discuss the show in the comments section below, and remember to refresh this page throughout the night for updated results, kicking off at 8PM ET.

DECEMBER 6th, 2019


We kick off tonight with The Miz, who says tonight was supposed to start with Miz TV and Daniel Bryan. However, after what happened last week, that isn’t happening as Miz claims Bryan has disappeared after last week. He recaps how they’re not friends, but he says he knows Bryan better than anyone on SmackDown.

Miz says last week we saw the real Daniel Bryan and the rebirth of the Yes Movement, but The Fiend yanked that away. Miz says he cares, and he will find out what happened to Daniel Bryan.

However, before he can continue we are taken to the Funhouse where Bryan’s picture is added to the wall. Wyatt says that Miz doesn’t want to know, and he’s not sure he wants to know either. Wyatt teases that Bryan could be with… “him.”

Wyatt says all he knows is that Bryan was coming to play with him at TLC, but now he doesn’t think he will be there. Wyatt says that perhaps Miz would like to play instead, but Miz says this isn’t about him, it’s about Bryan who is family to the WWE Universe.

Ramblin’ Rabbit then reveals ‘Family’ is the word of the day. He tells Miz to run. Wyatt then says he used to have a family, and clips of the Wyatt Family appear. Wyatt says he has a new family now as he then shows a picture of Miz and his family, asking him if he wants to play with him now.


We are then shown Miz backstage on the phone as he speaks with Maryse, telling her to lock the doors at home. He says he needs to do something about this, but for now, he is coming home immediately as they know what Wyatt is capable of.


Alexa Bliss wastes no time in taking Mandy Rose down to the mat early on, but Rose quickly shoves her away, warning Bliss not to touch her face. However, Bliss once again gets the best of Rose and she decides to escape to the outside.

Bliss attempts to follow her but she ends up eating a huge knee to the face for her efforts as Rose then smashes  Bliss onto the ring apron several times. Back in the ring and Rose rips off both of Alexa’s eyelashes and then rocks her with a big slap and a dropkick.

Mandy then pushes Bliss around and she eventually snaps and plants Mandy and follows that up with two big right hands. However, Sonya Deville then gets onto the apron to try to distract Bliss, which leads to Nikki Cross flying off the stairs to take her out.

Rose tries to get a roll-up from the distraction but Bliss quickly kicks out and drops Rose face-first onto the mat. Bliss then scales to the top rope and hits Twisted Bliss in order to secure a victory upon her return.

Winner: Alexa Bliss


Backstage Dana Brooke is in catering with Drake Maverick asking about how she is going on a dinner date with Batista. Maverick says he feels rejected as he felt something last week, asking her what Batista has that he doesn’t.

This once again leads to Elias popping up as he trash talks Maverick with a funny song. At the end of the song, Maverick slaps Elias and walks away.

As we return from commercial, Drake Maverick is actually in the ring as he claims his life is a joke to everyone and that everybody just thinks this is funny. Maverick tells Elias that nobody makes a mockery of him, his marriage, or his beautiful wife.

He wants him right now, for a fight! Elias and Dana Brooke then make their way out as he puts his hand on Drake’s head as he isn’t able to reach him to punch. Elias then bends Drake over his knee and spanks him which he follows by kicking his ass out of the ring…literally.

Drake then tries to escape up the ramp but Dana grabs him and puts him into the ring where Elias hits Drift Away. Dana Brooke comes into the ring, puts her foot on Drake and Elias counts the pinfall.

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