WWE Smackdown Live Results (5/16): New Women’s Number One Contender, MITB Qualifiers, Andrade Almas Debuts


WWE Smackdown Results
May 15th, 2018
London, England
Report by Matthew Wilkinson forĀ ProWrestling.com.

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Renee Young kicks off the show in the ring welcoming Daniel Bryan who heads out to the ring to an amazing ovation from the UK crowd in London. The commentary team recap last week when Bryan was defeated in his Money In The Bank qualifying match against Rusev. Young puts over what Bryan has done since coming back but it’s hard to hear as the UK fans are not finished giving Bryan a tremendous ovation. Bryan stops Renee and says “Feel that.” He admits he was disappointed and does not like losing, but states when he came back he was just happy to be back doing what he loves.

But now, that isn’t enough for him, he doesn’t want to just be back he wants to be back on top and he knows it will be a fight but before all is said and done he will become the WWE Champion. Big Cass then arrives to interrupt Bryan to a very lukewarm response. Cass said Bryan might have the fans fooled but he knows the truth, and that is that he is the reason Bryan lost to Rusev and will keep losing as he is going to ensure Bryan never achieves his dreams. He claims he tapped out so he could get out of the hold to beat Bryan up more. Cass then uses the Greatest Royal Rumble of another example, stating that as soon as he entered the match he eliminated him. Cass then claims Bryan should go be a stay at home dad and let Brie Bella wear the pants of the family, before heading to the ring, only to be attacked by Bryan and he quickly targets his previously injured knee. Referees attempt to break them up but Bryan runs around them and continues his attack, locking in a Heel Hook that makes Cass tap out as more officials come from the back to split them up.


The Miz makes his way to the commentary table prior to the tag teams as he joins the SmackDown Live booth for this qualification match. The Miz qualified last week when he defeated Jeff Hardy. The Miz claims he has already beaten all the guys on Raw and he is the only person qualified who has already won the Money In The Bank previously. Xavier Woods takes the fight straight to The Bar, leaping over the ropes to take out Sheamus before refocusing on Cesaro in the ring.

A smart blind tag by Sheamus and some insane strength by Cesaro allows The Bar to regain control as Miz questions how any of the teams will be able to pick just one man to represent them in the match should they win. A boot to the face by Sheamus whilst the referee can’t see almost gets the job done but Woods manages a kick out. The New Day member then begins a fight back and sends Cesaro over the top rope as he looks for a hot tag to Big E.

The bigger man quickly hits several belly to belly’s and suplexes on Sheamus showcasing his power, but Sheamus got the knees up to stop the big slam. Another blind tag catches New Day off guard, but the double DDT fails to get the job done as E kicks out. Cesaro then locks in a Sharpshooter but Woods manages to make the save after sending the Celtic Warrior into the ring post on the outside. Woods almost gets the job done with an amazing reversal but Sheamus comes in to break things up, though Big E wiped him out with the Spear through the ropes and Woods leaps from the top rope to get the victory for his team.

Winner and qualifies for Money In The Bank: New Day (one member will represent the group)

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