WWE SmackDown Results (7/16): Kevin Owens Defies Shane, Women’s Tag Team Title Match, More


July 16th, 2019
Results by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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SmackDown Live kicks off with a segment from earlier today as Kevin Owens enters the building as Shane McMahon tells him that he is the boss, and tells KO that he has the night off to go do whatever he wants, but he is banned from entering the building.


Back to the ring and the entire SmackDown roster is on the ramp as Shane McMahon is in the ring ready for the first-ever Town Hall Summit. The first talent to step up is Roman Reigns who tells Shane that nobody in the room respects him, and as far as diplomacy goes, Shane can kiss his ass.

Shane responds by telling Roman he will be fined for being disrespectful. Shane then asks Charlotte to step up and she says what Roman said was uncalled for and she thanks Shane and the McMahon family for being gracious to her from the day she was born.

However, as Charlotte is talking, Liv Morgan gets on the microphone and tells her to stop being phoney and asks her if there is anything real about her. Charlotte then responds by questioning if Liv even works here but as the two argue Shane shuts it down.

Shane then encourages Buddy Murphy to step up and he says that KO mentioned his name, but he doesn’t need Owens to fight his battles and he thinks KO should keep his name out of his mouth.

Shane McMahon then pulls out Apollo Crews who says he does have something to say, as he claims everyone agrees with what Kevin Owens said last week, but Zelina Vega then gets on the microphone and says they don’t appreciate him kissing up to the WWE Universe and she then challenges Crews to a match with Andrade tonight.

Elias is the next man to step up to have something to say but he is quickly interrupted by The New Day who claims he is the greatest jackass in SmackDown Live history. Kofi Kingston says that he won’t say he likes Kevin Owens, but claims he is making some good points.

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Kingston says everyone on the roster has the potential to do great things, but Shane tells them to cut his microphone and then thanks everyone for coming out and he concludes the segment. However, as everyone leaves Cesaro steps up and says that as a wildcard he is here to challenge Aleister Black to pick a fight with him…tonight.

As Shane looks to continue, Kevin Owens appears in the ring and hits another Stunner to Shane McMahon as he mocks Shane’s dance and then runs out of the building through the fans.


Both men start out hitting each other with strikes early on as Aleister Black sends Cesaro to the outside early following a big strike to the chest, but instead of hitting a suicide dive, Black bounces back from the middle rope and hits his classic sit-down pose.

After returning from the commercial, Cesaro tries to slow things down but the former NXT star once again picks up the pace with a sliding knee that connects right to the head of Cesaro as he follows up with a springboard moonsault.

Cesaro is then able to avoid another strike and follows it with a big uppercut and boot to the face which he follows up with a chin lock, but Black gets himself out of the situation and follows it up with a knee to the face of the Swiss Superman. Black then sets up Cesaro and hits Black Mass, knocking out Cesaro’s gumshield in the process.

Winner: Aleister Black


Backstage Dolph Ziggler catches up with Shane McMahon and tells Shane that he needs to teach Kevin a lesson, but Shane questions whether KO is still in the building. Ziggler then says that he will make some calls and reckons he can get Owens back by saying they will main event tonight.

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