WWE SmackDown Live Results (2/19): Kofi Kingston Named #1 Contender, Asuka Returns, More


WWE Smackdown Results
February 19th, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick off tonight’s SmackDown Live with Shane McMahon who hypes up the debut of the WWE NXT Superstars last night on WWE Raw, stating that they impressed so much on Raw that they will all be here on SmackDown tonight.

However, before Shane can continue, The Miz makes his way out to the ring. Miz says he can’t shake the guilt and admits that he used Shane due to the way they both feel about their dads. He continued by saying that whenever he becomes a champion, he tries to make those titles the best titles on the show.

Miz then remembers the moment where his dad said he was proud of him on SmackDown a few weeks ago, which he says was the best moment of his career, and one of the best of his life and he thanks Shane for making that happen.

Miz then says he is sorry for losing them both the titles and says he knows there are no automatic rematch clauses but if anyone can make a rematch happen it is Shane McMahon. Miz then gets a big “rematch” chant going and he is then interrupted by the SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

The Usos come out and then say it sounds like the WWE Universe wants to see the rematch and Jey states if Shane can forgive his partner, they will give them a rematch, but Jimmy says he doesn’t want it because The Miz is a joke and a loser.

Shane then tells them that they don’t disrespect his partner like that, and adds that the rematch is on, and it happening in The Miz’s hometown, at WWE Fastlane, making it the first official match of the PPV.


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We aren’t waiting around to get the WWE NXT Superstars out tonight as Aleister Black makes his way to the ring for the first official match of the show, against his former rival, Andrade. Unlike last night, the crowd is instantly making noise with an “NXT” chant.

Both men immediately hit several reversals as they attempt to take control early on, but it is Andrade who makes the first real impact, slapping down Black as he follows up with several stomps and more chops. Back from commercial and Aleister is getting a great response as he picks up the pace and starts to roll, but as he aims to dive back from the ropes, Andrade smartly just pushes him out to the floor.

As they return to the ring, Black hits a great diving knee to Andrade and follows it up with a great kicking strike, but Andrade doesn’t want to give up just yet. Andrade continues to battle and manages to his running knees, but this time it is Black who is able to kick out to keep the match going.

Black smartly reverses Andrade’s next attempted offense and as he bounces head first off the turnbuckle, Andrade stumbles into Black Mass and this one is over.

Winner: Aleister Black

Backstage #DIY are shown and Tommaso Ciampa says they have made a career of defying expectations to which Gargano adds that in this very building they went to war together, but now they will team together to show the world who they are.

The Bar then interrupt and say that nobody knows who they are, but Ciampa says they are here to take over and Gargano adds that they aren’t just here to set the bar, they are here to break it.

Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Kofi Kingston are then shown backstage all making up after they went to war against each other last night.

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