WWE SmackDown Results (2/14): Bayley Defends Her Title, Reigns & Bryan Team, More!


February 14, 2020


We kick off WWE SmackDown this week with the latest, A Moment Of Bliss, hosted by Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, as they welcome us to the first edition of the show for 2020. They talk about celebrity crushes and then get down to business as Carmella makes her way out.

Alexa says she isn’t bitter about the loss but says it was surprising as we hadn’t heard from Carmella lately. She says that she loves surprises, and she will do it again tonight when she beats Bayley for the title as reminds us why ‘Mella is money.

Carmella then addresses #Baymella, where some images are shown of them from the past. Alexa asks what happened, and she reveals that since Sasha Banks came back, she’s no idea who Bayley is anymore. Before they can continue the chat, Bayley makes her way out to interrupt where she tells Carmella she’s heard enough.

Bayley says it’s not about Sasha, but it is about Carmella, admitting that since NXT she has pitied her. Bayley says she showed her the ropes and taught her what she does best. However, Bayley then stated that Carmella is a loser and she then tells Alexa to shut up as the last time they were in the ring she beat her and Nikki in a handicap match.

Carmella suggests they have the title match right now, and she heads to the ring…it looks like we are kicking off with a title match!


The champion starts out by dropping her challengers with a shoulder tackle, but Carmella quickly fires back with one of her own, following it up by working the arm of Bayley. The champion smartly gets out of it by utilising the ring ropes, turning it into an offensive move of her own.

After some trash talking, Carmella fires back with a slap and then several dropkicks, but Bayley once again returns to dominating by ragging Carmella down to the mat. Bayley gets caught out with a big crossbody though, and Carmella is then able to hit the Mella-Go-Round, with the champion heading to the outside.

Carmella keeps up the attack though with a suicide dive as she then heads to the top rope and catches Bayley with a crossbody in the ring, but Bayley is able to kick out. Once again Bayley retreats outside, and this time it works as she drops Carmella face-first onto the announce desk.

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Back in the ring, Bayley remains in control until Carmella smartly yanks Bayley’s neck onto the mat with a great reversal. Carmella then explodes with several big clotheslines before bouncing Bayley’s face off her foot in the corner.

The challenger is fired up as she moonwalks and then drops onto Bayley on the bottom turnbuckle. The official then gets in the way, allowing Bayley to avoid a Superkick but Carmella continues the attack with some huge forearms.

However, as she goes for a fourth she runs directly into a Bayley To Belly from the champion, yet Carmella is somehow able to kick out! The champion then misses wildly with a knee in the corner but does respond by hanging up Carmella on the ropes.

However, as she tries to go to the top turnbuckle, Carmella keeps fighting and hits a huge superkick to Bayley, joining her at the top. Carmella hits a hurricanrana from the top turnbuckle and this time it is Bayley scrambling to kick out.

They then trade back and forth on roll-ups until Carmella nails Bayley with a huge Superkick, but the champion rolls out of the ring, stopping her from going for the cover. On the outside, Bayley launches Carmella into the ring post.

However, when they return to the ring, Carmella is able to lock in the Code of Silence, but the champion chops out her elbow to escape. The challenger keeps pushing to lock it in again, but Bayley reverses with a pinfall attempt, using the ropes for leverage to retain her title.

Winner (and still champion): Bayley

After the match, Bayley attacks Carmella from behind, standing tall with the SmackDown Women’s Championship. However, Naomi clearly isn’t impressed by what she’s seen as she heads down to the ring and gets in her face.

Yet from behind Carmella shoves Bayley into Naomi and the two women end up taking down the champion, staring each other down in the process.

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