WWE SmackDown Results (2/26): Kevin Owens Replaces Kofi Kingston At Fastlane, Matt Hardy Returns, More


WWE Smackdown Results
February 5th, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We are kickstarting SmackDown Live tonight with the contract signing for the WWE Championship match at Fastlane between Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston. Shane McMahon kicks things off by looking back at Kofi Kingston’s achievements throughout his career, with highlights being shown of his accomplishments.

Kofi arrives to a great ovation and says that after 11 years, he finally gets his chance, adding that it wouldn’t have been possible without his brothers in The New Day. He says he also knows it wouldn’t have been possible without the WWE Universe, thanking them for demanding the match, stating that at Fastlane, he is going to do what everyone has wanted him to do for a long time.

Kofi claims he is going to beat Daniel Bryan and become the WWE Champion. However, just before Kofi is able to sign the contract to make the match official… Vince McMahon arrives!

Vince says that before it becomes official, he wants to personally say that he thanks Kofi for everything he has done over the years, however, it is his job to provide the biggest box office he possibly can, therefore he is replacing Kingston. Vince says he is replacing Kingston with someone more deserving, more qualified, and that man is…


KO makes his way to the ring (looking great), signs the contract and makes it official, at Fastlane it will be Daniel Bryan vs Kevin Owens. The New Day leaves in anger, claiming that they are going to make things right, whilst Bryan and Owens simply stare at each other.

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Backstage, Kevin Owens is talking to Shane and Stephanie, stating he is fortunate for the position, but tonight he would like to team with the man who is just as deserving, and he wants to team with Kingston to face Bryan and Rowan.


MATT HARDY! We are not done with surprise moments here, Matt Hardy is back and he gets a huge reaction from the WWE Universe as he returns alongside Jeff, making it clear that The Hardy Boyz are back in WWE as they take on The Bar.

Matt starts out well and brings in Jeff with some classic double team work taking place, with Matt looking in fantastic shape as Jeff leaps off Matt’s back and out of the ring to take out The Bar on the outside. We return from commercial and Sheamus has control over Jeff Hardy, tagging in Cesaro with The Bar double teaming the WWE veteran.

Hardy battles back though and hits Whisper In The Wind to take down both men and makes the hot tag to Matt who hits his classic deletes into the turnbuckles before following it up with a side effect. Matt Hardy then climbs to the middle rope for an Elbow Drop but gets distracted by Sheamus and The Bar takes advantage, almost stealing a win.

However, with The Bar looking for a double team, Jeff gets involved and rocks Cesaro with a Twist Of Fate before Matt does the same to Sheamus which is followed up by a Swanton Bomb, and this one is routine.

Winners: The Hardy Boyz

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