WWE SmackDown Results (3/26): A New Women’s Champion Is Crowned, Kofi Mania Takes Shape, More!


WWE Smackdown Results
March 26th, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick off tonight’s WWE SmackDown Live with The New Day as the group reflect on last weeks show and the fact that Kofi Kingston was screwed out of his WrestleMania match. Xavier Woods kicks things off and says it’s time to be serious, admitting that the last few months have been a rollercoaster.

Big E adds that the fans have gone from New Day Sucks to New Day Rocks and him and Woods talk about how good the past five years have been working together, travelling the world. Big E reveals that they have discussed walking away from WWE this past week after the obstacles that have been placed in front of Kofi.

Big E says Kofi Kingston doesn’t know the word quit, and Xavier then adds that they can’t make that decision unless they get answers, but unfortunately the person who has them is Mr McMahon. Woods then calls out the boss and the WWE Chairman makes his way to the ring.

Before Vince is able to say anything, Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring and tells Vince not to waste another breath on the egos of The New Day, saying if they want to quit then he should just let them quit, because they are nothing but a stale novelty act.

Bryan says that WWE could pull three guys up from NXT and call them Fresh Afternoon and it would be just as successful, adding that Kingston is nothing more than a B+ player. Woods responds saying that the reality is that Bryan has turned into everything he used to fight against and that he is scared to face Kofi Kingston.

Vince tells them all to SHUT UP, and Vince says there isn’t a bone in the New Day’s body that is going to quit WWE. He says he gets it, everyone loves what they have here, but Vince says Kofi is always going to be a B+ player.

He then adds that the only question he has now is whether Woods and Big E are a B+ tag team, asking them if they can put Kofi into the WrestleMania, and he adds that if New Day can win a tag team gauntlet match tonight, then Kingston will go to WrestleMania.

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Backstage, The Man is congratulated about her WrestleMania 35 main event spot and the fact she won the beat the clock challenge. Becky says that is exactly what is going to happen at WrestleMania, stating that Ronda brings the title at ‘Mania, she brings the people, but she wants to know what Charlotte Flair brings? However, before she can continue… Flair makes her way to the ring.


Without any explanation, we are getting a Women’s Championship match…because? Anyway, here we go as Charlotte Flair and Asuka lock up which Flair eventually gets the upper hand of by grabbing Asuka’s hair and dragging her to the ground.

As we return to from the break Asuka has The Queen locked up in a fantastic submission and as Flair fights out, Asuka hits a brilliant move, planting Flair down to her knees, pulling her down at the same time as she follows it up with a kick and then a fantastic german suplex.

The champion then hits a running kick to the face but Charlotte kicks out. Flair then managed to avoid a hip attack, leaving Asuka sat in between the ropes as Charlotte rocker her with a massive boot. Flair then aimed to hit the moonsault but Asuka reversed it by putting her in the Asuka Lock, but once again Flair kicked out, only to eat a huge spinning kick to the face.

After another commercial, we return to Flair hitting several chops to Asuka as she then attempts to lock in the Figure Eight but Asuka continues to fight out over and over, eventually kicking her off to the middle turnbuckle which Asuka follows up with a kick to the face, but Flair kicks out.

Asuka then climbs to the top rope but Flair doesn’t allow her to do whatever she had planned as she joins her and hits a Spanish Fly!!! The champion manages to fight out just before the three count though to keep this match alive.

Charlotte then follows up by hitting Asuka over and over but Asuka takes advantage and locks in a triangle choke, however Charlotte powers her way out and hits a sit-out powerbomb. Flair then manages to lock in the Figure Eight in the middle of the ring and Asuka taps out!!!


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