WWE SmackDown Results (3/5): New United States Champion Crowned, Mustafa Ali Returns, More


WWE Smackdown Results
February 5th, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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The WWE Champion is here to kickstart WWE SmackDown Live this week and before he speaks he simply points to the screen as we get a recap of last weeks contract signing as Kofi Kingston was replaced by Kevin Owens for the Fastlane WWE Title match.
Bryan says last week he sat and remained silent as everyone gushed about Kingston, he also remained silent when Mr. McMahon replaced him, but Bryan says it is now his time to speak and the fans turn to remain silent.
Bryan says he isn’t out here to talk about Kofi Kingston, because he is not a leader, but is a supporting player which is why he’s exactly where he should be, with his buddies The New Day in India. Bryan says Vince was right to replace the man who throws copious amounts of pancakes with someone who eats a copious amount of them.
Bryan says he gets why the fans like KO, as he looks like them, thinks like them, and just like them, he doesn’t deserve a shot at the title either as Owens is a nobody. Bryan says that is what makes him dangerous, as he is a nobody with nothing to lose, but he has everything to lose as he is the planet’s champion.
Well, clearly Owens disagrees, he says ever since he got injured he stepped away from being a superstar and went back to just being a member of the WWE Universe. He said he watched Raw and SmackDown from home, he added it was hard to watch people do what he loves, except when Bryan was out, as that was just plain awful.
Owens says it got worse when Bryan thew the WWE Championship in the trash, and that was the last straw as he knew then he wanted to come back and face Bryan. Owens says Bryan deserves tog et his mouth shut and he is the one who will do it.
Owens then slams the intelligent Bryan for using low-brow fat jokes against him. Owens says he doesn’t have a reality show or a bit show or a backup dancer, but Bryan says the only reason that KO has no back up is that he has no friends, which KO agrees with. However, Owens says last week he didn’t need anyone to beat him last week.
KO says he never meant to take Kingston’s opportunity, but this Sunday it is his intention to take the WWE Title from him this Sunday. The time for talking is done though as Rowan and Owens begin brawling with KO sending Rowan out of the ring.
However, the numbers game catches up with him and Rowan grabs KO by the head and plants him to the mat as the WWE Champion stands tall.
Jey Uso starts the match in control, but after Miz reverses a Samoa Drop he is able to start hitting his patented running knee attack from corner to corner, dropping Uso with a DDT, but Jey kicked out at 2 to keep the match going.
Jey quickly turned things around hitting his running attack to the corner just like his father did, and he almost steals a win with Jimmy Uso cheating on the outside, but Shane runs and jumps from the stairs to take him out. Jey then looks to hit a suicide dive on Shane but Miz smartly stops him and drops Jey with a Skull Crushing Finale for a quick win.
Winner: The Miz
Charlotte Flair asks if SmackDown Live is missing the presence of Becky Lynch, hobbling around and so Lynch invites her to the show tonight. Flair says she wants to know if Becky is man enough to talk to her tonight about her physical and mental capabilities as she wants a friendly discussion.
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