WWE SmackDown Results (19/3): Could Kofi Kingston Run The Gauntlet?, New WrestleMania Match Announced, More


WWE Smackdown Results
March 19th, 2019
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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We kick off this week’s SmackDown Live with The Miz, making his first appearance since WWE Fastlane and he will be responding to Shane McMahon’s actions and the fact that he will be facing him at WrestleMania in just three week’s time.

The Miz starts off his promo by showing a video package of last week. He says that for the past 10 years he has been focused on one road, the one to WrestleMania. He admits he has sacrificed every single relationship he has had in this business for WrestleMania, and that is what his friendship with Shane meant to him.

Miz says it was all to prove to his dad, wanting him to be proud of him and he recalls his dad saying he was proud of him and how Shane made that happen for him. Miz says that in return he helped Shane become the Tag Team Champion and said that people warned him about Shane, but he didn’t believe them.

Miz admits that he was wrong after what Shane did at Fastlane. He asks what kind of man beats someone up in front of their father, and then he put his hands on his dad whilst he laid there helpless. Miz says Shane is rotten to the core just like his father.

He says Shane wasn’t born the best in the world, he is a McMahon and was therefore born as one of the worst. Miz says that they might own this company, but they don’t own him or Kofi Kingston. Miz says he wasn’t born to be rich, he was told he was average, but he proved everyone wrong and became a champion.

He adds that it might have taken him 13 years, but he thinks that he has no earned the respect of everyone for what he has done in WWE. Miz ends his promo by agreeing with the fans chanting that he deserves it, and says Shane deserves an ass whooping from him at WrestleMania!

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WWE Smackdown Results


The IIconics point out the that Tag Team Champions have finally arrived on SmackDown Live before the match begins, with Peyton Royce pointing out that they look scared inside their ring, adding that they even went back to NXT to make themselves feel good.

Peyton Royce starts the match and immediately takes out Sasha Banks on the outside but as Bayley knocks her out, Royce runs back into a clothesline after avoiding Banks, which leads to Billie Kay tagging in.

The Boss immediately brings down Kay as the champions remain in control with some smart double team work. However, with the match still rolling on, Lacey Evans appears for her usual walk down to ringside. With Bayley distracted The IIconics look to take advantage, but she manages to kick out after a double team maneuver to stay in the match.

As we return from the advert, The IIconic’s are in complete control as they isolate Bayley, but the Hugger does a great job of taking out Royce in the corner before planting Kay face first into the mat before making the hot tag to The Boss.

Banks picks up the pace and looks to get the win with the backslide but is unable and instead just slaps Royce in the face. However, Billie Kay continues to cause a problem on the outside and with Bayley being taken out by a Superkick, Royce rolls up Sasha and picks up a surprise victory… albeit it with the help of Kay on the outside.

Winners: The IIconic’s


Rey Mysterio speaks backstage and brings out his son, Dominic. Mysterio says he has brought him here to make a major announcement, he will be facing Samoa Joe for the United States Championship at WrestleMania and his son will be ringside.

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