WWE SmackDown Results (5/21): Former World Champion Returns To Attack Kofi Kingston, More


May 21st, 2019
Results by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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Shane McMahon is joined backstage by Elias, with the WWE Superstar apologising, stating he put all of his energy into his performance and not the match, blaming some of the comments he got from the WWE Universe during his song.

Elias says he is looking forward to Super Show Down and offers to be in Shane McMahon’s corner, but he states he doesn’t need any help, but tonight he will be in Elias’ corner because he does need help.


After that backstage segment, we kick off SmackDown Live in style as The New Day make their way out to the ring entrance. Kofi Kingston says it is a special night, as Xavier Woods hypes up the return of Big E! Woods and Kofi then go and get a wrestler from the back and pull off a black cloth… but it is not Big E!

It is a smaller man and they tell him to get out instead. Kofi and Woods then bring out the real Big E who nails the classic New Day entrance… he’s back! Woods points out that Big E isn’t medically cleared to wrestle yet, but he states that he is happy to be back.

Woods and E then go on a funny back and forth about Becky Lynch’s mom, but Kofi points out he has to be serious now he is the champion and addresses Brock Lesnar becoming Mr. Money In The Bank, although Woods quickly moves on to the fact Kofi is still champion.

The celebrations don’t last long though as Kevin Owens makes his way out and he is quickly joined by the first wildcard of the night, Sami Zayn. He isn’t happy with the fact that Big E is getting this big welcome back after just six weeks of being injured when he got nothing.

Big E says that Sami will get the same thing that Kevin Owens got on Sunday… nothing. KO then hands Sami his microphone and simply walks away, and Zayn says the only reason Owens lost on Sunday is that he was concerned about Sami after what Braun did to him.

Sami said that this is disgusting, as they are distracting the fans who should instead be focusing on the toxic culture they have created. Sami adds that their night isn’t going to end in fun, as he is going to beat Kofi Kingston tonight in front of his friends and the trash people in the audience.

Kingston tells him to not let the smiles and pancakes fool him, as when it is time to throw down, they throw down. Kofi says that not only will he walk out on his own two feet, but he is going to walk through Sami.


Carmella is shown backstage looking for R-Truth, who is disguised with a wig on, as there are Drake Maverick’s wanted posters all around. Carmella points out the rules of the title to him, and Truth asks for Carmella’s help in keeping the title.


Ali starts out the first match of the night strong, with both men showing the wounds from Money In The Bank, but Andrade quickly establishes himself with a thunderous clothesline that turns the former 205 Live star inside out, which allows him to take control.

Ali uses his quickness to avoid Andrade, however, Zelina Vega quickly causes interference and as Ali flips off the turnbuckles Andrade catches him with a dropkick in midair. However, as we return from commercial, Ali has turned things around as he dives through the ropes, attacking Andrade from behind, which he follows up with a second move over the top rope, which ends up hurting his own back on the landing.

As Ali attempts to get back into the ring, the former NXT Champion launches him from the apron into the barricade, with Ali’s back taking another beating on the landing, but he manages to make it back before the 10 count, although Andrade quickly attacks the already injured back.

Andrade then bodyslams Ali into the turnbuckle, continuing the assault on the back of Ali, as he then gets sent crashing into the barricade again. Andrade keeps the attack going, shoving him back-first into the ring post before launching him over the barricade, with Ali landing on several chairs in the timekeeper’s area.

However, Ali once again manages to just make it back into the ring before the 10 count, but Andrade sets up Ali for the double knees in the corner, targetting his back once more, yet Ali kicks out just before three. But as Andrade begins to get cocky, Ali catches him out with a roll-up victory out of nowhere, scoring a huge win.

Winner: Ali

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